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Woman acquitted of manslaughter in 'extremely difficult' case

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has acquitted a Toronto woman of manslaughter charges in the 2013 death of a toddler — a tragic case that was difficult for everyone involved, Toronto criminal lawyer Breese Davies tells CBC News.

In acquitting Maria Sosa, Justice Gary Trotter ruled that while he would not call the death accidental, there was not enough evidence to conclude that Sosa was responsible, says the article.

As CBC reports, the agreed statement of facts said that the toddler’s mother dropped her off at her babysitter Sosa’s home that morning. Sosa's statement to police that was played in court said that she had given the child a bath and left the girl alone "for about a minute" in eight to 10 centimetres of water to retrieve clean clothes. When she returned, she says the child was lying on her back and vomiting.

Davies, who represented Sosa, tells AdvocateDaily that there was evidence that Sosa and her husband made efforts to perform CPR on the child before the paramedics arrived. When emergency services arrived, the toddler was cold and unresponsive and was pronounced dead in hospital.

Davies, told CBC that her client did not want to speak to the media about the case.

"Justice Trotter came to the right result and we are very pleased with the outcome," says Davies.

"This was an extremely difficult case for everyone involved and an absolute tragedy." 

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