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Walmart wills are ideal for those with simple estates

Toronto trusts and estates lawyer Suzana Popovic-Montag tells Precedent that a $99 will from a provider like Axess Law could be “the perfect solution” for those who don’t need substantial advice.

“A lawyer-signed will is better than no will. Let’s face it,” Popovic-Montag, managing partner of Hull & Hull LLP, tells the legal magazine.

She makes her comments in connection with an article detailing the rise of Axess Law — a firm that operates inside of eight Walmart locations around the Greater Toronto Area.

According to the article, Axess charges $99 for wills, notarizes documents for $25 and executes residential real estate purchases for $1,300, “well below the average prices elsewhere in the market.”

The article notes that Axess developed a computer program that guides their lawyers through the will-writing process, “prompting every question they need to ask each client, including specific followups.”

If a client’s mental health is in question or if they have extensive assets, those matters would be referred to other firms, it continues.

Considering that statistics show that 56 per cent of Canadians and 63 per cent of Torontonians don’t have a signed will, Axess Law has “picked a very good niche,” Popovic-Montag says in the article.

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