Creative problem-solving core to Dunn’s financial practice

By Paul Russell, Contributor

When Toronto financial services lawyer Timothy R. Dunn is handling a corporate restructuring or helping a company on the verge of bankruptcy, he doesn’t just think about the legal issues involved in the process — he also truly considers the people whose future will be impacted by the success or failure of the business.

“The financial security of the shareholders and the livelihood of employees who depend on the business surviving are entrusted to me. I am very aware of this trust and it’s a motivating force to find creative and practical solutions,” says Dunn, a senior partner and chair of the financial services group with Minden Gross LLP.

While his practice mainly involves working with both traditional and non-traditional financial institutions, accounting firms that provide services to them, and their respective corporate and individual clients, Dunn says the most rewarding and challenging engagements involve assisting struggling entrepreneurs.

“I get a great deal of satisfaction working with enterprises that have been operated successfully by generations but have run into financial difficulty,” Dunn tells

For almost 30 years, Dunn has provided trusted advice to clients in a wide variety of industry sectors who find themselves facing a threat to their business enterprises.

Dunn says he embraces a holistic approach to law.

“For all intents and purposes, lawyers are problem-solvers,” he says. “People come to us because they recognize they have a problem that they cannot solve, or should not try to solve, by themselves. In my area of practice, the issues typically centre on an emerging or existing financial crisis that requires an immediate, 'real-time’ solution.”

To help them find a solution, Dunn says he learns all he can about the client’s business and the economic environment they operate in, allowing him to put together a bespoke approach that has the best chance of being accepted by the various stakeholders of the business.

This approach has made Dunn a respected financial services adviser and someone who is sought out for his creativity and pragmatism by both lenders and debtors, he says.

“It can be both exhilarating and exhausting to deal every day with crisis management but the fact that each day brings new and different challenges keeps the practice of law interesting and rewarding,” Dunn says.

When he’s not dealing with financial crises, Dunn says he decompresses by indulging in his passion for flying.

“I love my work, and I am passionate about my flying,” he says, noting that when he has more experience he hopes to devote time to flying rescue animals to adoptive homes and helping patients in remote parts of the province get to urban centres for medical care as part of the Hope Air program.

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