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Creative branding key to law firms' marketing plans

Creative branding is key to standing out in the crowded marketplace for legal services, Toronto estates and trusts lawyer Suzana Popovic-Montag tells Lawyers Weekly.

As Popovic-Montag, managing partner at Hull & Hull LLP, explains in the article, firms considering or developing their very first marketing plan need to focus.

“If they want to stay current, be relevant and get peoples’ attention, lawyers will have to brand themselves in creative ways,” she says in the legal publication.

Popovic-Montag says Hull & Hull has taken advantage of a variety of multimedia platforms to get their message out, and encourages others to follow their example.

“Whether through video — which more easily communicates personality — or text, they will need to present as interesting and innovative," she says.

By maintaining a presence in various types of online media, Popovic-Montag says clients and colleagues are able to begin forming a relationship with her and the firm before ever encountering each other in person.

"People want to connect even before they meet with you,” she adds.

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