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Collaborative law office design makes for a 'better team'

With the option of working in a "synergy room" with other colleagues or in a closed office, Toronto estates and trusts lawyer Suzana Popovic-Montag tells Lawyers Weekly that associates at Hull & Hull LLP’s law office have “the best of both worlds.”

As Popovic-Montag, managing partner of the firm, explains in the article, partners work exclusively out of two “synergy rooms” — equipped with meeting tables where they work alongside associates, articling students and other staff — while associates also have the option of using closed offices.

“We initially started by making it mandatory,” says Popovic-Montag, but the redesign was met with some initial resistance.

“We saw some people really did not like it, so we turned it into an optional thing after the first year,” she adds.

It was the younger associates and students who seemed most uncomfortable about the open space concept, explains Popovic-Montag, as they were “just first of all trying to learn the practice and second of all trying to learn how to conduct themselves.”

But as the idea is to become more collaborative, most employees have quickly adapted, she says.

“We think it just makes us a better team.”

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