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Legal advice key when planning for children with special needs

With proper planning, the parents of a child with special needs can provide them with a secure future, Ottawa disabilities and estate planning lawyer  Kenneth Pope ... read more

Tax talk: caregiver credits

Families of people with special needs have an underused tool at their disposal that can help save them money every year, Ottawa disabilities and estate planning lawyer  ... read more

Henson Trusts have ancient roots

While Henson Trusts are approaching their 30 th birthday in Canada, their roots can be traced back centuries, Ottawa disabilities and estate planning lawyer  Kenneth Pope ... read more

Experience key for Henson Trust lawyers

Experience is the key attribute families should look for when seeking help to set up a Henson Trust, Ottawa disabilities and estate planning lawyer  Kenneth Pope  tells ... read more

Pope to host webinars on disability estate planning

Ottawa disabilities and estate planning lawyer  Kenneth Pope is hosting two webinars where he will discuss special needs and disability estate planning. Pope, principal ... read more

Digital asset planning a must in modern estates

As a person’s digital assets become increasingly complex, it’s important to include updated estate instructions around them, particularly if a child with special needs ... read more

Funding Henson trusts with life insurance

Parents often worry about how their children with disabilities will be taken care of after they’re gone, but there are options that aren’t always so ... read more

Inter vivos shelter trust best for adult child with special needs

Many individuals who opt to buy a home for an adult child with special needs may choose to put the property in his or her name, but the use of an inter vivos shelter trust is ... read more

Ontarians with disabilities to benefit from exemption limit change

A number of recent changes that increase the exemption limits for those who receive funding from the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) will mean more money for Ontarians ... read more

Careful planning critical for bequests to dependent child

Financial planning for a child deemed incompetent is needed to ensure a smooth transition and inheritance through succession law, says Ottawa disabilities and estate planning ... read more

Navigating the maze of estate planning options for special needs child

When planning for the future of a financially dependent child, choosing the option that will provide them with the most money is not always easy or straightforward, Ottawa special ... read more

'Why do I get $863 and he gets $1,128?': ODSP

Adult children with disabilities living at home often don’t get the maximum disability allowance possible despite repeated requests for more than the basic $863 ... read more

Lifetime benefit trusts protect RRSPs for children with special needs

Financial planning for the future needs of a child with special needs is a challenging responsibility, but starting early can give parents peace of mind, says Ottawa ... read more

Henson trust advantages extend to families without special needs

Although some lawyers may know that Henson trusts are useful for families with members who have disabilities, many may not realize that there are other uses for these trusts for ... read more

Are you eligible for the disability tax credit?

Canadians who qualify for the disability tax credit , but haven’t applied for it may be eligible to recover up to $16,000 in back credits, says Ottawa disabilities and ... read more

Henson Trusts: an estate-planning tool for all

Although Henson Trusts were originally designed to protect the inheritance of children with special needs, they can also be an effective estate planning tool for other families, ... read more

Personal injury settlements and ODSP benefits

Ottawa disabilities and estate planning lawyer Kenneth Pope says before signing off on the terms of settlement, plaintiff personal injury lawyers should ensure their ... read more

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