Trusted advisor Redlick is clients' first port of call

By Staff

When a deal-making opportunity comes into view for clients, Toronto corporate lawyer Sammy Redlick wants his number to be the first they dial.

Redlick, partner with Torkin Manes LLP, belongs to the firm’s business law, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate finance groups, providing advice largely to private enterprises looking for help with mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, debt and equity financings, and a host of other business transactions.

“I would say that my practice is primarily transactional,” he tells

But there’s nothing transactional about his relationships with clients, who include owner-operators, entrepreneurs and private equity investors.

“From the start, I take the view that this will be the first meeting in a very long relationship, so establishing a rapport is important,” he says. “Over time, friendship and trust grows and fosters from there, and I find that when you can establish a close relationship with clients, it makes the work all the more rewarding for both of us.”

Redlick says he’s not afraid to push clients during the initial consultation.

“Part of what you’re trying to do is to figure out exactly what the client wants to accomplish. Sometimes it can take a while because the client comes to you with one issue they want dealt with, and you have to keep probing until you navigate your way to the real problem,” he explains. “Then we can start to discuss how I can help them solve that.”

Before enrolling at Western University’s faculty of law, Redlick’s career options were wide open, with a science background that many would use as a platform for studying medicine.

“I decided to go to law school because I felt like it was more suited to my skill set and personality,” he says.

Pretty soon, Redlick steered himself away from litigation in favour of corporate work, both in his law school course load and then during his articling period.

“I think I’m just more inclined to solve problems and do what it takes to get a transaction completed,” Redlick adds.

In addition to his transactional work, Redlick operates a commercial practice, preparing, negotiating and advising clients on all types of commercial agreements and business arrangements.

A number of his business clients also use him effectively as their “outside in-house counsel,” calling on him to project manage a variety of legal matters.

“One thing users of legal services consistently complain about is that they don’t like having to find a specialist every time they have a legal issue,” says Redlick, who explains that Torkin Manes’ full-service offering allows him to find a suitable professional tailored to the client’s individual needs.

“I pride myself on being their go-to person,” he adds. “Even if it’s employment law, litigation, wills, or whatever it may be, I’m that first call, and they trust me to make sure it gets in front of the right person at a service level they’re used to.”

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