Personal Injury

Shatz understands both sides of personal injury claims

By Staff

Toronto personal injury lawyer Samantha Shatz exhibits the kind of serenity in front of a judge and jury that’s likely to unsettle her opponents.

“I try to be calm and patient,” says Shatz, an associate with Will Davidson LLP.

She finds members of civil juries are particularly receptive to her approach.

“Since you can’t speak to jurors directly, or hear their thoughts throughout a trial, you want to make sure they understand exactly what you’re saying, and I don’t think you can do that by losing your cool,” Shatz tells

And her opponents are probably right to be worried since her quiet confidence is rooted in the knowledge of what the other side has in store. Shatz is one of a minority of insurance litigators who maintain a 50-50 split between their plaintiff and defence work, including trial work for both accident victims and insurers.

“It is all about anticipating what the other side will do. I think it has been great to gain experience in how the other side thinks, and even in terms of strategy,” she says. “I find that knowing how a defendant will assess and view a case is really helpful for my plaintiff work. It helps ground me and keep expectations in check about what the file is worth and the sorts of issues we might face as the file progress.

“It also keeps me current because I’m continually keeping up with developments on both sides.”

While she had her eye on law school since her early teenage years, Shatz says she was excited to leave law school and enter the working world.

“In law school, we did practice moots, but it doesn’t match up to the excitement of practising for real and being in a courtroom.”

Shatz now acts in a wide variety of personal injury matters involving motor vehicle accidents, property losses, medical malpractice, and product liability, among others, including a recent high-profile birth trauma case.

Her unique practice exposes her to a varied client base.

“Every client is different, but what I find I’m good at is recognizing what type of person they are, and then adapting to their needs,” Shatz says. “Some clients like to have regular updates, while others like a hands-off approach.

“I try to cater to each client to ensure they feel comfortable,” Shatz says.

Whoever she’s acting for, she brings the same dedication to their cause.

“I want clients to feel like they can sit back and know that I am there to guide them, and make a stressful process run as smoothly as it possibly can.”

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