Victoria Romero

Victoria Romero
VR Law
Principal, Founder
ADR, Civil Litigation, Estates & Wills & Trusts, Family, Mediation, Personal Injury, Real Estate

Victoria Romero, founder and principal of Toronto's VR Law Mediation, focuses on mediation.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in international relations from the University of Toronto and her Bachelor of Laws from Osgoode Hall Law School. Ms. Romero is a Qualified Mediator candidate at York University.

Throughout her civil litigation career, mediation has been a constant and is now her primary focus. She assists clients with matters including medical malpractice, wills and estates, and real estate, disability and insurance law.

In addition, Ms.Romero trained and became a peer mediator while in high school, pursued the study of conflict throughout her university studies, and completed a mediation internship in law school.

Victoria Romero Posts

Mediation valuable for ex-spouses navigating co-parenting

Even in a high-conflict divorce where it’s difficult for ex-spouses to communicate and work together, mediation can be valuable in assisting parties to look forward — particularly when children are involved, says Toronto mediator and lawyer Victoria Romero. Read more

OCA decision may mean more work for lawyers: Romero

Personal injury lawyers may have to change how they present cases that seek damages for motor vehicle accidents following a recent ruling by the Ontario Court of Appeal (OCA), says Toronto mediator Victoria Romero. Read more

Mediation is affordable, timely alternative in family law

Mediation is one of the best ways to provide access to justice in an affordable and timely way — especially in family law cases, says Toronto arbitrator and mediator Victoria Romero. Read more

Mediation often best route for resolving workplace disputes

Proactive conflict management is an efficient and effective method for resolving disputes within the workplace, says Toronto arbitrator and mediator Victoria Romero. Read more

Arbitration helps level the playing field: Romero

Using arbitration to resolve disputes — whether among individuals or nations — is an important way to ensure issues are handled efficiently, fairly and quickly, says Toronto arbitrator and mediator Victoria Romero. Read more

A failure to mediate can be costly: Romero

A recent Ontario Superior Court ruling is a cautionary tale that a defendant's refusal to mediate could increase the award, says Toronto arbitrator and mediator Victoria Romero. Read more

OCA's long-term disability ruling alters limits

A recent Ontario Court of Appeal (OCA) ruling raises the possibility of an injured worker claiming long-term disability (LTD) after leaving the job, says Toronto arbitrator and mediator Victoria Romero. Read more

It's time to expand mandatory mediation in civil litigation

After almost 20 years operating in just three jurisdictions, it’s time to expand Ontario’s mandatory mediation program across the province, Toronto mediator Victoria Romero tells Read more

Diversity a key component of effective mediation

Toronto mediator Victoria Romero would like to make diversity a pillar of the mediation profession. Read more

Ten tips for resolving conflict in 2018

Communication is key to resolving conflict and should be at the top of everyone’s New Year’s resolutions, Toronto mediator Victoria Romero tells Read more

Mediation offers a holistic, humane way to settle disputes: Romero

The costs of litigation can run high, and often extend beyond financial expenses to intense emotional and psychological strain, particularly in cases involving family members, says Toronto mediator Victoria Romero. Read more

Trio of mentors helps mediator find her voice

Toronto mediator Victoria Romero credits a trio of experienced mentors with helping her gather the tools to become an effective mediator. Read more

Mediation favoured for resolving personal injury claims

Without contingency fees, people would not otherwise be able to afford a lawyer, says Toronto mediator Victoria Romero . Read more

Flexibility key to successful mediation: Romero

While there are different types of mediation, Toronto mediator Victoria Romero says adaptability is key to ensuring clients get the best service. Read more