Usman Sadiq

Usman Sadiq
Sadiq Law Professional Corporation

Usman Sadiq is the founder and principal owner of the Toronto firm Sadiq Law Professional Corporation.

Mr. Sadiq earned his law degree from Windsor Law School. Immediately upon being called to the bar, he established his family law firm.

Mr. Sadiq has experience in family/divorce law litigation, negotiations, domestic contracts (marriage contracts and separation agreements), custody and access disputes, child and spousal support issues, and equalization and division of property matters.

Usman Sadiq Posts

Avoid debt for a happy life: Sadiq

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Challenging a separation agreement

By Usman Sadiq . You’ve signed a separation agreement, but now you regret it. Is it too late? Can you challenge a separation agreement? It depends. In most cases, a separation agreement is a legally binding and enforceable domestic contract. However, simply drafting a document and calling it a separation agreement does not automatically make it legally binding and enforceable. Read more

Expanding use of paralegals could help family court with self-reps

Those going through a divorce and making an appearance in court should hire a lawyer — or at least be coached by one, says Toronto family lawyer Usman Sadiq. Read more

Getting ex's consent can be tricky when travelling with kids

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Divorce 101: How to survive divorce season

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The role of the Family Responsibility Office

By Usman Sadiq . After a separation or divorce, it is important that child support or spousal support that was ordered by a court or in a separation agreement are followed. The Family Responsibility Office (FRO) is an institution that facilitates and enforces the child and spousal support payments from the payor to recipient. However, the FRO does not involve itself with custody/access issues. Read more

Using ADR to avoid court and settle issues amicably

Most family law files can be resolved without going to court by using alternatives like negotiation and mediation, says Toronto family lawyer Usman Sadiq. Read more

The importance of shielding children from nastiness of divorce

For parents, the first rule of divorce is to shield the children from the negative stuff, says Toronto family lawyer Usman Sadiq. Read more

Step parent’s obligation to pay child support

By Usman Sadiq . If you are a step parent and are going through a divorce in Ontario or are separating you should know the law regarding a step parent’s obligation to pay child support. As a family lawyer, I have seen a lack of awareness on part of the step parent about their potential child support obligation for their step child. This article will provide a brief overview of how family law treats such relationships and how a step parent’s role with respect to their step child may make them liable for child support. Read more

Paralegals should handle less complex family matters

Allowing paralegals to take on simple divorce and custody cases is a smart way to reduce pressure on the family courts, says Toronto family lawyer Usman Sadiq . Read more

Offer to settle in family law

By Usman Sadiq . An offer to settle can be made to the opposing party in a family law dispute to settle all or an aspect of the case. The Family Law Act sets out the requirements of a formal offer to settle and the implications of same. Read more

Avoiding more debt key for lawyers starting out

For young lawyers running their own practices, it is essential to be a prudent money manager — which is why Toronto family lawyer Usman Sadiq tells Lawyers Weekly that he made it a priority to pay off his student debt as quickly as possible. Read more

Treatment of matrimonial home can lead to 'unfair' results

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Treatment of gifts and inheritances can lead to unfairness: Sadiq

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