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U.S. Tax IQ webinar on sweeping changes to U.S. tax law

U.S. tax accountant Brandon Vucen and U.S. tax attorney Alexey Manasuev are hosting a free webinar to address key provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and upcoming changes to U.S. tax law, which are being heralded as the most substantive amendments in more than 30 years.

Vucen and Manasuev, both principals of U.S. Tax IQ, an Oakville-based American tax compliance and consulting services firm, will discuss tax changes that may affect cross-border affairs of U.S. citizens and green card holders residing outside the United States and businesses operating in the United States.

Attendees will also learn about the impact that tax reform has on individual and business taxpayers; key international tax provisions that will affect cross-border tax planning and compliance; how the new legislation will affect you and/or your clients; and, practical tips and considerations on how to plan for upcoming U.S. tax changes and tax planning opportunities.

The webinar takes place on Dec. 19, 2017 at noon ET.

To register, click here.

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