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Man guilty of second-degree murder, acquitted of higher charge

A jury has found a Toronto man guilty of second-degree murder for stabbing an apartment building neighbour in an elevator in a case that’s “sad for all concerned,” Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen says in the Toronto Star.

The jury did, however, find Marko Pandurevic, 25, not guilty of first-degree murder in the July, 2010 fatal stabbing of Dimitry Savenkov, 25.

"The jury struggled for three days between a second-degree murder or manslaughter conviction," Rosen tells

"I never thought it was first-degree," he says in the Star.

Pandurevic, 25, testified he knifed Savenkov several times in a panicked attempt to defend himself from being beaten to death, the Star reports.

"My client was 22 at the time and was being bullied," Rosen, who represented Pandurevic, tells Rosen says the two men met unexpectedly in the building lobby where they both lived, and after exchanging words, a fight broke out.

"The deceased received minor injuries before receiving the fatal wound to the heart," says Rosen. "The fight only ended when my client punched him in the jaw, fracturing it. The deceased walked another 85 feet before collapsing.

Pandurevic will serve an automatic life sentence, with submissions on parole ineligibility taking place May 31, the article says.

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