Taras Kulish

Taras Kulish
Steinberg Title Hope & Israel LLP
Senior Associate
Charity and Not-For-Profit, Corporate, Intellectual Property

Taras Kulish is the chair of the intellectual property and charity/not-for-profit groups with Steinberg Title Hope & Israel LLP as well as the Toronto firm's senior associate in corporate/commercial law.

He graduated with a Diploma of Collegial Studies from Cegep of Old Montreal in 1984, before earning a combined Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Civil Law from McGill University’s Faculty of Law National Program in 1989. Mr. Kulish was called to the Quebec Bar in 1991, the Ontario Bar in 1993, and the New York State Bar in 1997.

As a trademark agent registered with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Mr. Kulish focuses on intellectual property law.

For more than 20 years, he has handled trademark applications and prosecutions for manufacturers and distributors of food and beverages, and other manufacturing and service companies. He mediates settlements of trademark issues and assists with injunctions and civil search orders.

Mr. Kulish also handles incorporating and advising not-for-profit and charity organizations.

He is a director and the international relations officer of the Canadian branch of HOPE Worldwide, an international charity recognized by the United Nations. In addition, Mr. Kulish founded the HOPE Worldwide of Canada Youth Academy with programs in partnership with Toronto Community Housing.

Fluent in English and French, Mr. Kulish lived for three years in Switzerland assisting international clients with Canadian interests in business, legal, professional, and sports-related areas.

Taras Kulish In The News
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Fifth-annual Ukrainian Business Celebration 2018

The fifth-annual  Ukrainian Business Celebration 2018 is coming to Mississauga on April 15. Read more

Kulish to speak at World Parkinson’s Gala

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Charity forum provides assistance on good governance

Charity law is growing in importance as an increasing number of people volunteer and serve their communities, but it’s important for those involved to be aware of liability and governance issues, says Toronto charity lawyer Taras Kulish . Read more

Enforcing taco trademark could become a 'marketing fail'

The well-known term ‘Taco Tuesday’ is merely descriptive and there could be an argument made that it should never have been registered as a trademark , Toronto intellectual property lawyer Taras Kulish tells MetroNews . Read more

Cast wide net when conducting incorporation name searches

Lawyers for entrepreneurs and start-ups looking to incorporate must look further than their client’s own backyard s to ensure the proposed name isn’t already taken, Toronto intellectual property lawyer Taras Kulish tells AdvocateDaily.com . Read more

Ukraine ripe for Canadian business expansion

Businesses seeking to expand into Europe should look at opportunities afforded by Canada's special relationship with Ukraine, says Toronto charities and intellectual property lawyer Taras Kulish . Read more

CRA's new Charities Education Program should be a step forward: Kulish

The Canada Revenue Agency's (CRA) new C harities Education Program (CEP)  should be a step forward, says Toronto charities lawyer Taras Kulish. Read more

Canada’s relationship with Ukraine in the spotlight

How Canada’s special relationship with Ukraine has endured and grown over the years will be addressed at the Club Canadien de Toronto,  on Tuesday, Dec. 12.  Read more

In a media-driven world, image has a price tag

Cocaine baron Pablo Escobar , boxing icon Muhammad Ali and film director Woody Allen seem like an incongruent group but there is a strong legal connection, says Toronto intellectual property lawyer Taras Kulish . Read more

Ethnocultural agencies often trip over charities law

Ethnic and cultural charities are full of good intentions but often fail to understand the law, says Toronto charity lawyer Taras Kulish . Read more

El Mocambo's iconic neon palms trapped in trademark dispute

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Possession isn’t always 9/10ths of the law

A cross-border lawsuit against a Toronto gallery brought by the estate of a photographer over a collection of negatives casts a spotlight onto copyright law, says Toronto trademark and copyright lawyer Taras Kulish . Read more

Ukraine eager to explore and learn from Canadian legal standards

Toronto charity lawyer Taras Kulish  believes there's a grassroots movement in Ukraine eager to adopt a Canadian-like system of law to fight back against what's perceived by the general population to be widespread corruption, especially in the charities sector. Read more

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