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Stop talking, texting behind the wheel, campaign urges

McLeish Orlando LLP has partnered with a distracted driving awareness campaign that aims to inform, educate and provide safety tools to both young and seasoned drivers.

Seriously … Just Drive! is taking its message to schools, public events and private corporate functions in an effort to spread the word on the dangers of using smartphone devices while operating a vehicle.

"As a personal injury law firm, we see the aftermath of distracted driving," says Toronto critical injury lawyer Dale Orlando, partner with McLeish Orlando LLP. Read Prior Story

"Our commitment to this campaign is to inform and educate people that we should be cognisant of our surroundings and avoid distractions when behind the wheel," says Orlando.

Through the use of driving simulators and real-world driving exercises, the organization says, "We ask all drivers either new or seasoned to stop texting, stop talking, stop emailing and pay attention to the one thing that will get you home safe ... the road."

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