Steven Benmor

Steven Benmor
Benmor Family Law Group

Principal of the Benmor Family Law Group in Toronto, family law lawyer Steven Benmor has represented clients through all stages of divorce and separation and works closely with experts in related disciplines.

Called to the Ontario Bar in 1994, Mr. Benmor holds a Masters of Laws degree in family law, is certified as a family law specialist by the Law Society of Ontario and is an adjunct professor of family law at Osgoode Hall Law School at York University.

Mr. Benmor has held many executive positions in the legal community and is member of The Advocates Society, the Toronto Lawyers Association and the Family Lawyers Association.

Educator, negotiator and litigator, Mr. Benmor co-author of “The TASK - The Trusted Advisor’s Survival Kit."

Steven Benmor Posts

What your children need to hear about your divorce

By Steven Benmor Telling your kids about how babies are born or why bad things happen to good people is hard. Telling them why you are leaving their mother or father is harder. Read more

Mediating ‘grey’ divorce takes a different approach: Benmor

Getting to know your client in a “grey” divorce case is essential, says Toronto family lawyer and mediator Steven Benmor. Read more

Choice of school for children can add conflict to divorce

School choice can be a major source of tension following divorce, says Toronto family lawyer and mediator Steven Benmor. Read more

Divorce mediation is not for everybody

By Steven Benmor In the last 20 years, mediation has become the panacea for many legal disputes. From employment, to human rights, to child protection, to personal injury, and for divorce, clients, lawyers and judges have all been seeking to use mediation to resolve all types of legal disputes. Read more

Who gets the cottage in divorce?

By Steven Benmor Although the family cottage is a valuable asset, it is also an emotional topic. For many families, the cottage is where the family came together, celebrated happy moments and bonded as a unit. So when spouses face divorce, it is not uncommon for questions to arise regarding ownership and use of the cottage. Read more

Parenting co-ordinators can help smooth post-divorce bumps

Parenting co-ordinators can help former spouses settle the inevitable post-divorce disputes that arise between them, says Toronto family lawyer and mediator Steven Benmor. Read more

Divorce litigation via Skype

By Steven Benmor Cross-examination is the questioning of a party in order to evaluate the truth of that person’s testimony and to gain admissions. In the U.S., this is called a deposition. In Ontario, it is called an examination for discovery in civil cases and questioning in divorce cases. Read more

Mediation underused for settling temporary issues in divorce

Mediation is underrated as a technique for resolving temporary or interim issues between splitting couples, says Toronto family lawyer Steven Benmor. Read more

Why do I need a lawyer to settle my divorce?

By Steven Benmor . No one plans for divorce. It’s an event that is unanticipated, unforeseen and, most certainly, unaffordable. Moreover, legal fees are very expensive. Read More at Benmor Family Law Group Blog Read more

Four tips for getting most out of first summer after divorce

Newly divorced parents can shape their children’s memories of the first summer following the split, says Toronto family lawyer and mediator Steven Benmor. Read more

What your children need to know about your divorce

By Steven Benmor . Most people believe that their children are unaware of marital problems in the home. This could not be further from the truth. Children of all ages are acutely aware of the temperature in the home. In fact, I have heard many times that the children have expressed relief when their parents finally disclose their intention to divorce. Children not only need to know about their parents’ divorce, in many cases, they want to know about their parents’ divorce. Read more

More flexibility needed in domestic violence bail orders

Legal professionals must co-operate to prevent low-scale domestic violence charges from turning into a lengthy family court litigation, Toronto family lawyer Steven Benmor tells Read more

The five top financial mistakes people make in a divorce

By Steven Benmor . Let’s face it, there are a few events that occur in life that can cause financial devastation. The death of a spouse, personal bankruptcy, major illness and, of course, divorce. But divorce does not need to create a financial hardship. In fact, it could actually result in a healthier financial position if it is handled properly. Some spouses find that divorce creates a clean financial separation and eliminates huge cash drains, especially for the higher income earner. Read more

Using dating app risky during divorce: Benmor

Separating spouses should stay clear of dating apps until the divorce is finalized, Toronto family lawyer and mediator Steven Benmor tells Read more

In which court will you file for divorce?

By Steven Benmor . In Canada, in order to obtain a divorce, spouses must apply to the court and have a judge grant a divorce order. Generally, this can only occur in the community in which the parents live. So if you live in Toronto, the divorce court is located at 393 University Ave. Similarly, there are divorce courts in Brampton, Oshawa and Newmarket. So if you work in Toronto, but your home is in one of those communities, then you would need to apply to that court for a divorce. Read more