Spell out details of unbundled arrangements in writing

One of the most critical components when offering unbundled legal services is defining the scope of work to be done in the retainer agreement, Greater Toronto-area family lawyer Andrew Feldstein tells Lawyers Weekly.

“We have a checklist with a list of all the services we provide. Don’t want us to go to court? Don’t tick that box off,” Feldstein, of Feldstein Family Law Group, tells the legal trade publication.

The article goes on to discuss the issues that can arise when a lawyer believes they’ve completed their duties but the client feels differently.

If the terms are not spelled out in writing, it’s possible the lawyer will have to represent the client until the case is solved, “And you probably won’t get paid because the client can’t afford to pay you,” says Feldstein.

There’s room for the unbundled legal services to grow, Feldstein tells Lawyers Weekly, noting many individuals don’t know such options are available. Instead, he says they’re under the impression that only the full, comprehensive service is offered by lawyers.

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