Ryan Handlarski

Ryan Handlarski
RH Criminal Defence

Ryan Handlarski, principal of Toronto's RH Criminal Defence, focuses on criminal law.

Mr. Handlarski graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from York University’s Schulich School of Business in 2005. He earned a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Ottawa in 2008, where he graduated cum laude and won the John A. Kavanagh Memorial Award for highest standing in criminal law. Mr. Handlarski was called to the Ontario Bar in 2009.

Focusing on criminal law, Mr. Handlarski defends individuals charged with a range of offences, including assault, impaired driving, drug trafficking, sexual assault and sexual interference, break and enter, aggravated assault and murder.

Following law school, Mr. Handlarski articled at McCarthy Tétrault, working on the defence of individuals accused of market manipulation by the Ontario Securities Commission. He later worked as an associate for Greenspan Partners and acted on cases involving allegations of fraud, sexual assault, drug trafficking and murder.

Mr. Handlarski is a member of the Ontario Bar Association and the Criminal Lawyers’ Association.

Ryan Handlarski In The News
Sex work remains a legal grey area in Canada: Handlarski

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The importance of exercising your right to a trial

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The case for legalizing cocaine and other drugs

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Handlarski's client acquitted of firearms charges

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Fewer self-reps with applications for state-funded counsel

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Graduated licensing would help inform selection of defence counsel

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OCA highlights the importance of free speech: Handlarski

The Ontario Court of Appeal (OCA) recently emphasized the right to free speech in a ruling that reversed a trespassing charge against a man who protested on town property, Toronto ... Read more

Appeal reaffirms need for procedural fairness: Handlarski

A recent Superior Court ruling setting aside a man's sexual assault conviction reaffirms the need for judges to always adhere to the fundamental principles of the presumption ... Read more

More evidence needed to use roadside saliva testing for marijuana

The assertions that marijuana consumption and driving under the influence will increase if it’s legalized need to be challenged to arrive at a reasonable public policy, ... Read more

Conviction would be difficult in a new Cosby trial: Handlarski

If there is another criminal trial for Bill Cosby, a conviction will be far from easy, Toronto criminal lawyer Ryan Handlarski tells CBC’s  The National .  ... Read more

Handlarski's client acquitted on gun charges

A 23-year-old man was acquitted of firearms charges after Toronto criminal lawyer  Ryan Handlarski  successfully argued the Crown's main witness was untruthful and ... Read more

Handlarski's client acquitted of drug-trafficking charges

A man has been acquitted of trafficking 15 kilograms of cocaine after Toronto criminal lawyer Ryan Handlarski argued he was the unwitting victim of a major drug dealer. An ... Read more

Handlarski: a problem solver with a commitment to his clients

Toronto criminal lawyer  Ryan Handlarski  is a problem-solver who advocates for his clients to get the best outcome when they clash with the "state." ... Read more

Man acquitted of sex assault, complainant's credibility raises reasonable doubt

A man has been acquitted of sexually assaulting his stepdaughter after Toronto criminal lawyer  Ryan Handlarski  argued her testimony did not meet the test of common ... Read more

Handlarski's client acquitted of six counts of sexual offences

A youth has been acquitted of six sex charges and given an absolute discharge for other offences after Toronto criminal lawyer  Ryan Handlarski  argued that the evidence ... Read more

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