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Rosen: jury saw main complainants were incredible

Five Toronto Police officers were convicted of attempting to obstruct justice, but acquitted of all other charges in a case that Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen says had "a lot of doubt."

Rosen, lawyer for former Toronto Police drug squad leader John Scherzer, told reporters after the verdict that he thought the jury "did an amazing job; they worked very hard.

Rosen also said: "Clearly I'm disappointed in the fact that my client and the others were convicted of anything and we'll be looking at an appeal obviously. But we're very pleased that the jury saw that the main complainants were incredible, the Crown never had a case, they were properly acquitted and that's the important thing. They (the officers) are feeling very disappointed as I am because we really felt that this trial would a compete vindication of all the negative things that have been said about them over the last fifteen years." Read Toronto Star Story

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