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Rosen delivers 'withering' cross-x, says columnist

Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen, in his cross-examination of Shakeil Boothe-Rowe’s stepmother, accused the woman of abusing and killing the 10-year old boy, the Toronto Sun reports.

Sun columnist Michele Mandel describes in her report watching the noted criminal lawyer “meticulously skewer” the woman’s defence; that being she’s a victim who was too afraid of Rosen’s client – her husband Garfield Boothe – to help the child.

Mandel’s column outlines what she calls Rosen’s “withering” questioning of  Nichelle Boothe-Rowe culminating in his charge, “It was you that stomped on his chest that morning.”

Rosen, partner with Rosen Naster LLP, said the motive was that she didn’t want her stepson to live with them and her dislike for the boy grew after she brought home her newborn baby.

The woman however denied Rosen’s allegations that she was the boy’s killer and abuser who chained him to his bed. Shakeil died of malnutrition, infection and blows to his chest and head in May 2011.

“I know in my heart I have nothing to fear and nothing to hide,” Boothe-Rowe testified. “I did not kill Shakeil. Garfield Anthony Boothe killed Shakeil.”

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