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A criminal defence lawyer in private practice in Toronto, Roots Gadhia represents clients facing criminal proceedings ranging from drug offences, sexual and aggravated assaults to manslaughter and murder.

Appearing across Ontario in both jury and judge-alone matters, Ms. Gadhia graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1995 and was called to the Bar in 1997.

Ms. Gadhia has been the Criminal Lawyers Association representative for the Metro West courthouse since 2009 and Mock Trial coach for the Ontario Justice Education Network.

Roots Gadhia Posts

Legal aid cuts an attack on ‘the socially disenfranchised’

Provincial funding reductions for Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) will limit access to justice and significantly worsen court delays for those who rely on the non-profit corporation, says Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia. Read more

Inconsistent policies lead to inequities in searching accused

Ontario police forces continue to conduct unnecessary strip searches despite constant criticism and admonishment from within the justice system, says Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia. Read more

Issue of access to justice a major flaw in courthouse scheme

Planned courthouse assignments for the Toronto area could prevent those charged with offences from getting a timely release on bail, restricting access to justice and clogging the court system, Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia tells Read more

Bruce McArthur pleads guilty to eight counts of first-degree murder

TORONTO — A serial killer who preyed on men from Toronto's gay village for years has pleaded guilty to eight counts of first-degree murder. Read more

Not criminally responsible ruling misunderstood: Gadhia

TORONTO — It's "unfortunate" that some in the general public think a woman found not criminally responsible (NCR) for fatally stabbing a stranger "got off on a technicality" because that's not the case, says Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia. Read more

Judge's racial profiling finding took courage: Gadhia

It's shocking that there have been so few judicial findings of racial profiling by police which undersells the long-argued problem, says Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia. Read more

Increased surveillance not the answer to gun crime: Gadhia

The City of Toronto’s plan to increase surveillance and incorporate new audio technology to detect gunfire in the wake of the Danforth shootings is not going to reduce gun violence, Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia tells The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

Overcrowded courts a problem here to stay: Gadhia

Despite the construction of a new courthouse in the downtown core of Canada's largest city, the challenges associated with the lack of available space for proceedings will only get worse over time in areas around the municipality, Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia tells The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

Gadhia's client acquitted of manslaughter after complex trial

A young man has been acquitted of manslaughter after Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia argued that the death of a co-worker was the result of group horseplay gone wrong. Read more

Why some sexual assault allegations don't result in conviction

The vast majority of sexual assaults that have been substantiated by police do not result in a criminal conviction or even make it to court, Statistics Canada said Thursday. Read more

Accuracy a concern around roadside saliva-screening device

Roadside saliva-based drug-screening devices being considered for use in Canada may sweep up thousands of innocent drivers in their net if the technology isn't right, says Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia. Read more

Bail process involves balancing Crown’s concerns, public safety

TORONTO — A Toronto neurosurgeon charged with first-degree murder in the death of his wife has been denied bail. Read more

Pre-charge screening and the court backlog: Gadhia

A new report highlighting that nearly half of all criminal charges in Ontario are withdrawn or tossed before trial — a higher rate than anywhere in Canada — points to a need for systematic change, Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia says. Read more

Practice directives not the answer to fix court delays: Gadhia

New practice directives from the Superior Court of Justice that aim to make criminal proceedings more efficient indicate the courts continue to take the timelines set out in R. v. Jordan seriously, Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia tells The Lawyers Daily. Read more

Counsel of choice a key defence right: Gadhia

Removing a defence lawyer from a first-degree murder trial because the Crown fears part of the case could be tossed is not the way to deal with court delays and also attacks a fundamental right of the accused, says Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia . Read more