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Recovery Science Corporation builds compliance monitoring programs that assist in the criminal and family justice systems.

Canadian judges and justices of the peace are increasingly accepting alcohol and GPS monitoring as a risk-management tool while applying the legal test to decide whether an individual will be released on bail.

Recovery Science Corp. offers seminars and free case consultations throughout Canada, as it educates agencies, counsel, mediators and the courts in the use of monitoring technologies, and helps to create plans on a case-by-case basis.

In the criminal justice system, Recovery Science Corp. offers SCRAM Systems alcohol monitoring, as well as GPS and radio frequency monitoring, remote breath testing, and drug testing for use in pre-trial and bail plans of supervision, conditional sentences, probation, parole and peace bonds.

As a mitigating factor on sentencing, offenders have worn the SCRAM device for a period of time prior to sentencing to demonstrate a commitment to accountability and to provide an objective record of sobriety.

In family and child-protection matters, the SCRAM bracelet or remote breath testing can assist lawyers with custody and access matters, child protection and treatment support. 

Recovery Science Corporation In The News
Recovery Science marks 500th case

When talking about going from Parry Sound to Thunder Bay, most people wouldn’t measure it in the same terms as Steve Tan, partner with  Recovery Science Corporation  (RSC). Read more

Bail monitoring goes high-tech with voice verification

Voice verification, used in conjunction with GPS monitoring, is proving to be an effective way to monitor compliance of people with bail conditions prohibiting them from leaving home without a surety, says Steve Tan, partner with Recovery Science Corporation (RSC). Read more

Conditional sentence possible with GPS, alcohol monitoring

A judge in Newfoundland imposed a conditional sentence and probation for a man instead of jail time based on his willingness to participate in electronic monitoring with Recovery Science Corporation (RSC) , reports The Western Star. Read more

SCC ruling on bail impacting how electronic monitoring is applied

  Read more

RSC monitoring removes unknowns around drug and alcohol use

The complex issues that alcohol use creates in family and criminal cases can be simplified with the right form of monitoring, says Steve Tan, partner with  Recovery Science Corporation  (RSC). Read more

GPS monitoring is objective, around the clock

While a strong surety is a vital component in the community supervision of bail for most cases, defence counsel may present GPS monitoring at an expected tough bail hearing to bolster the plan of release, says Steve Tan, partner with  Recovery Science Corporation  (RSC). Read more

Daily structure a positive component of GPS and alcohol monitoring

GPS and alcohol monitoring enables a timely flow of objective information to confirm compliance and detect violations for individuals involved in the criminal and family justice systems, says Steve Tan, partner with  Recovery Science Corporation  (RSC). Read more

Canadian judges increasingly using electronic monitoring as bail tool

Canadian judges and justices of the peace are increasingly accepting alcohol and GPS monitoring as a risk-management tool while applying the legal test to decide whether an individual will be released on bail, says Steve Tan, partner at Recovery Science Corp. Read more

Extend Motherisk commissioner mandate to people affected in custody/access cases

The mandate of the independent commission that the Ontario Attorney General has established to assist individuals who have been affected by Motherisk’s flawed hair-testing methodology should be expanded beyond child protection and criminal matters to include those who have been involved in child custody and access cases, suggests Peter Marshall , in-house counsel and CEO of Recovery Science Corporation . Read more

Recovery Science marks 200th bail release using electronic monitoring

GPS, radio-frequency, and alcohol-monitoring programs from Recovery Science Corporation have now been a part of 200 plans of supervision that have helped defence counsel secure pre-trial release for their clients, says CEO and in-house counsel Peter Marshall .  Read more

Mandatory minimums for impaired driving crimes need to be reviewed

With expectation that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government will reverse some of the previous Conservative administration's criminal law amendments,  Recovery Science Corporation  CEO and general counsel  Peter Marshall  is hopeful the Liberals will restore the availability of conditional sentences for offences with mandatory minimum sentences, particularly for impaired driving offences. Read more

U.S. alcohol-monitoring program an example for Canada

A recent summit in Montana highlights how a successful program used in the United States and abroad that monitors alcohol and drug offenders 24 hours a day to achieve better outcomes in impaired driving and domestic violence cases could be adopted in Canada, says Peter Marshall , CEO and general counsel for Recovery Science Corporation .  Read more

Alcohol monitoring used in family law for better outcomes

For family lawyers acting in custody, access or child-welfare matters that involve allegations of alcohol abuse, specialized devices to monitor alcohol consumption can help achieve a better outcome for their client, the other parent and the children. Read more

Monitoring technologies may mean less jail time in alcohol-related cases

Defence lawyers can help clients charged with alcohol-related offences avoid jail or spend less time behind bars by referring them to an alcohol-monitoring program.   Read more

Recovery Science monitoring devices now used in Quebec

Recovery Science Corporation ’s GPS and alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelets have been used for the first time by courts in Quebec. Read more

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