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Pro Bono Ontario is here to help Ontarians who have essential legal needs but can't afford a lawyer.

Many of our clients are vulnerable individuals who desperately need help with everyday legal problems. These include frail people on fixed incomes who have fallen prey to predatory lending schemes, caregivers facing job loss when tending to sick relatives, children facing barriers to their education, or self-employed contractors struggling to collect monies owed. These and other struggling groups approach us by the thousands for help. Our services prevent a spiral of costly social problems, and often mean the difference between shelter and homelessness, food on the table and hunger, economic stability and bankruptcy, productive work and unemployment.

We also help build communities by supporting start-ups, artists, social service organizations and social entrepreneurs with the legal issues that come with running a small business in Ontario.

Pro Bono Ontario develops and manages high-quality programs that connect volunteer lawyers with Ontarians who can’t afford a lawyer. Wherever possible, we embed our free legal services in front-line environments like courthouses, schools and hospitals – places frequented by people with legal problems they can’t afford to address.

Pro Bono Ontario Posts

Free Legal Advice Hotline wins award for best pro bono program

VANCOUVER — Pro Bono Ontario’s Free Legal Advice Hotline received the 2018 National Pro Bono Program Award at a gala Oct. 4 at the National Pro Bono Conference. Read more

Free Legal Advice Hotline making a real dent in access-to-justice problem

Tracey from Toronto is experiencing stage 4 melanoma and her employer was threatening to revoke her health benefits. Struggling financially and feeling she couldn’t afford the hundreds of dollars she thought she needed to go to a labour lawyer, she didn’t know where to turn. Then she heard about Pro Bono Ontario’s Free Legal Advice Hotline. Read more

Become a designated representative for unaccompanied minors

Lawyers, need some CPD hours? Looking to volunteer your time for a good cause? Read more

Running for justice

TORONTO – Run, jog, walk, or roll! Run Little Monkey and Pro Bono Ontario are launching the inaugural Run For Justice Virtual 7K race to raise money for PBO’s new Free Legal Advice Hotline. Read more

Supreme Court of Canada endorses key principles for assisting self-represented litigants

OTTAWA (April 19, 2017) – The Supreme Court of Canada has endorsed the Canadian Judicial Council’s principles for assisting self-represented litigants (CJC Principles), which state that judges “should do whatever is possible to provide a fair and impartial process and prevent an unfair disadvantage to self-represented persons.” Importantly, this includes the specific principle that judges should make referrals to agencies who are in a position to assist these individuals. Read more

La 6e édition des prix nationaux de Pro Bono mettra en lumière l’aide bénévole accordée aux personnes demandant l’aide médicale à mourir, aux réfugiés et aux personnes atteintes de maladies mentales

Ottawa, le 29 septembre 2016 – Ce soir, dans le cadre de la 6 e édition des prix nationaux de Pro Bono, les professionnels juridiques du Canada se réuniront à l’hôtel Westin Ottawa pour saluer les contributions juridiques bénévoles exceptionnelles faites par un avocat, un cabinet juridique ou un programme pour garantir l’accès à un système judiciaire juste et accessible. La remise de prix est présentée dans le cadre du 6 e Congrès national de Pro Bono, qui se déroule jusqu’à demain. Read more

6th National Pro Bono Awards to highlight pro bono help for people seeking physician-assisted death, refugees and the mentally ill

Ottawa (September 29, 2016) Tonight Canada’s legal profession is gathering at the Westin Ottawa to recognize outstanding pro bono legal contributions by a lawyer, law firm and program in support of a fair and accessible justice system at the 6 th National Pro Bono Pro Bono Awards. The awards are presented in conjunction with the 6 th National Pro Bono Conference, which runs until tomorrow. Read more

Supreme Court Justice Andromache Karakatsanis, Chief Justice George R. Strathy & Attorney General Yfasir Naqvi to speak at 6th National Pro Bono conference

Ottawa (September 27, 2016) Leading figures from Canada’s legal profession are set to speak on the benefits of pro bono legal support to a fair and accessible justice system at the 6 th National Pro Bono Conference. Running from tomorrow through September 30 at the Westin Ottawa, the conference is the only meeting in Canada dedicated to pro bono legal work. It is designed to give practitioners the tools they need to enhance and develop programs that result in on-the-ground solutions for Canadians to whom the doors of justice would be otherwise closed. Read more

CCLA and PBLO Partner to Aid Defendants in SLAPP Suits

On December 1, 2014, the Ontario government introduced a Bill (Bill 52, Protection of Public Participation Act) to deal with the issue of lawsuits aimed at silencing public participation. Known as “SLAPP” suits, which stands for “Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation” or “Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation”, these lawsuits are directed against individuals or organizations, in order to silence and deter their public criticisms and advocacy for change. Read more

A-G Madeleine Meilleur to speak at PBLO at Holland Bloorview anniversary reception

Attorney General Madeleine Meilleur to speak at PBLO at Holland Bloorview anniversary reception and awards event celebrating medical-legal partnerships between Ontario’s pro bono lawyers and its children’s hospitals. Read more

Pro Bono Canada, new access to justice foundation introduced

REGINA, SK – Canada’s access to justice community will soon get its first look at Pro Bono Canada, a new charitable foundation created to promote and support the country’s organized pro bono movement. Read more

PBLO launches next phase of the Investing in Justice Campaign

Pro Bono Law Ontario (PBLO) has launched the next phase of its Investing in Justice Campaign. Read more

Nearly $10,000 raised for Pro Bono Law Ontario

The third annual Law Slam Tennis Challenge, held last month at the Timberlane Athletic Club in Toronto, raised nearly $10,000 for Pro Bono Law Ontario (PBLO). Read more

Flip Your Wig for Justice Pub Night – February 24

Who says access to justice has to be a sober affair? Join Pro Bono Law Ontario and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association on February 24 at the Elephant and Castle to raise funds for the Flip Your Wig for Justice Campaign . Guests will be asked to pay a $20 coverage, which will be donated to the Campaign. Read more