Peter Israel

Peter Israel
PI Mediation, Israel Foulon LLP
Principal, Founding Partner
ADR, Employment & Labour, Mediation

Peter Israel, principal of PI Mediation and a founding partner with the Toronto firm Israel Foulon LLP, focuses on employment law and mediation.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in psychology from York University in 1973, before earning his Bachelor of Laws from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1976. Mr. Israel was called to the Ontario Bar in 1978.

Mr. Israel has spent more than 30 years focusing on labour and employment law and also provides mediation services. He represents both public and private sector employers in health care, manufacturing, retail, broadcasting, technology, financial services, insurance, and transportation.

He advises executives and in-house counsel, and provides advice on preventative policies and procedures, recruitment, and employment and collective agreements.

Mr. Israel handles matters of health and safety, and human rights relating to employment, terminations and layoffs, plant closures, successor employer obligations, and other labour issues.

He has appeared before all levels of court, including the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada, as well as administrative tribunals, including the labour relations boards of Ontario and Canada.

In addition, Mr. Israel has been an instructor for the Bar Admissions Course and has lectured in the area of employment law for continuing legal education.

He is a member of the Canadian Bar Association, The Advocates’ Society, and the County of York Law Association.

Peter Israel In The News
In mediation, final offers are a road to nowhere

The mediation table is already packed with drama — back and forth negotiations, emotion, and trials and tribulations — so the last thing it needs is for one party to table a final offer, says Toronto mediator and employment lawyer Peter Israel . Read more

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No good mediator should take the trust of the parties for granted, Toronto employment law mediators Barry B. Fisher and  Peter Israel tell . Read more

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Non-legal considerations loom large in employment mediations

Non-legal concerns often figure prominently in employment mediations, and each party's issues tend to be different, Toronto employment law mediators Barry B. Fisher and  Peter Israel tell . Read more

Certainty of settlement is mediator's superpower

A mediator’s superpower is the certainty provided to participants when they negotiate a settlement, Toronto mediator and employment lawyer  Peter Israel  tells . Read more

Confidentiality in mediation

Confidentiality means different things to different people, Toronto employment law mediators Barry B. Fisher and  Peter Israel tell . Read more

A new twist on resolving employment disputes

Using an expedited process of mediation and arbitration is trimming time and money from the typically drawn-out process of settling disputes between employers and fired employees, says Toronto mediator and employment lawyer  Peter Israel . Read more

Evaluative mediation not for the faint of heart

Don’t expect Toronto employment law mediators Barry B. Fisher or  Peter Israel to act as mere messengers between parties at your mediation.            Read more

Israel to share insights on employment law mediation

Toronto employment lawyer and mediator Peter Israel  will share his insights on employment law mediation at the 19 th  annual Employment Law Summit in Toronto. Read more

Choice of mediator critical to dispute resolution

There are roster mediators as well as private mediators, and all have differing styles, education and experience. There are those who use mostly facilitative approaches, some who use evaluative approaches, some who believe it is not their function to strongly advocate for a resolution, and others who force resolutions by browbeating parties into settlement. Then there are those mediators who believe that their job is to simply go back and forth between rooms, simply exchanging the positions and offers from the respective parties. Read more

Key mistakes to avoid for success in mediation

Mandatory mediation in some jurisdictions in Ontario coupled with the desire to find an alternative to the litigation process means more people are using mediation to resolve employment law and other legal disputes, writes Toronto employment lawyer and mediator Peter Israel  in HR Professional . Read more

Due process vital for claims of workplace sexual harassment

The rapid-fire pace of social media posts around the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have brought changes around workplace sexual harassment, Toronto employment lawyer and mediator Peter Israel tells . Read more

'Fixer' Peter Israel settles employment law cases

Despite coming relatively late to the game, Toronto employment mediator Peter Israel immediately took to his new field. Read more

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