Paul Cahill

Paul Cahill
Will Davidson LLP
Personal Injury

Paul Cahill, a partner with the Toronto firm Will Davidson LLP, focuses on personal injury and medical malpractice.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from Queen’s University in 2001, before earning his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Ottawa in 2004. Mr. Cahill was called to the Ontario Bar in 2005.

In his personal injury practice, Mr. Cahill assists clients with medical malpractice, car accident, slip and fall, occupiers’ liability, and product failure. He also handles issues involving first-party insurance claims for disability benefits.

Practising law for more than a decade, Mr. Cahill has represented clients at trials, motions, appeals, and tribunal hearings.

He has appeared before both the Divisional Court and the Court of Appeal, and has represented clients at administrative boards and tribunals such as the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal, the Health Professions Review and Appeal Board, and the Canada Pension Plan Review Tribunal.

In addition, Mr. Cahill speaks at industry conferences and has published articles in legal publications.

Paul Cahill In The News
Medical malpractice verdict 'momentous' for family

Toronto personal injury lawyer  Paul Cahill 's recent medical malpractice win was a “momentous” day for a family whose daughter was left quadriplegic at birth. Read more

Slip and fall liability not just an icy winter issue

Business and homeowners who don’t clear ice and snow from their sidewalks will spend more time and money in court on the issue than if they just took a few minutes to do the job in the first place, says Toronto personal injury lawyer  Paul Cahill . Read more

Evolving liability for party hosts with intoxicated guests

Holiday party hosts may find themselves liable for the misdeeds of intoxicated guests as the law in the area continues to evolve, Toronto personal injury lawyer  Paul Cahill tells . Read more

When cities are liable for random attacks

Municipalities need to ensure their standards are up-to-date and that they’re staffed well enough to ensure safety in all public places following a recent ruling that found the City of Calgary liable for injuries a transit rider suffered in a swarming attack, says Toronto personal injury lawyer  Paul Cahill . Read more

Sweeping new law boosts protection for Nova Scotia cyclists, pedestrians

HALIFAX — A sweeping new law governing Nova Scotia's roads and highways would for the first time include pedestrians, cyclists and people who work along roadways as “vulnerable road users,” and double fines for accidents that seriously injure or kill them. Read more

Cahill helps lawyers master med-mal expert choice

The choice of an expert witness can make or break a medical malpractice case, Toronto personal injury lawyer  Paul Cahill tells . Read more

Cahill to share tips on finding the right expert in med-mal cases

Toronto personal injury lawyer  Paul Cahill  will share some of his tips for choosing the right expert witness for medical malpractice cases during a live  webinar  hosted by the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association on Sept. 17. Read more

Will Davidson LLP to host seminar on PI trials

Will Davidson LLP will host an upcoming seminar on the intricacies of a personal injury trial. Read more

Online portal would expand accountability: Cahill

Allowing patients to access their online medical records would broaden health knowledge while increasing physician accountability, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Paul Cahil l . Read more

Safety requires cyclists, drivers to go extra mile

Avoiding accidents between motorists and cyclists depends on everyone knowing their surroundings at any given moment, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Paul Cahill . Read more

Cases highlight patient duties in malpractice matters

Health-care professionals aren’t the only ones with standards to meet when it comes to medical malpractice claims, Toronto personal injury lawyer  Paul Cahill  tells .  Read more

OCA ruling extends LTD coverage years after job ended

A recent Ontario Court of Appeal ruling makes it possible for a person who was injured at work to claim long-term disability (LTD) even after leaving the job, says Toronto personal injury lawyer  Paul Cahill . Read more

Slip and fall case heads to trial after motion dismissed

A recent case shows plaintiffs will not always have to pinpoint the cause of a slip and fall in order to successfully resist a defendant’s motion for summary judgment, Toronto personal injury lawyer  Paul Cahill tells . Read more

Trends in occupiers' liability law

Occupiers’ liability claims offer a popular legal route for people injured on improperly maintained property, says Toronto personal injury lawyer  Paul Cahill . Read more

Who’s liable in a slip and fall?

Snow and ice are nothing new in most parts of Canada during the winter, and yet property owners continue to neglect to clear their sidewalks, resulting in slip-and-fall accidents that can lead to serious injuries, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Paul Cahill . Read more

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