Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown
McLeish Orlando LLP
Senior Partner
Personal Injury

Senior partner with McLeish Orlando LLP in Toronto, Patrick Brown practises critical injury law with cases across Ontario.

Mr. Brown focuses on matters that result in helping those who have suffered serious, catastrophic critical injuries and those who have lost a loved one due to the fault of another.

A graduate of The College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan, Mr. Brown was called to the Bar in 1991 and is a certified specialist in civil litigation.

His practice areas are traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, cycling injuries and fatalities, drownings, fatal accidents and disability insurance claims.

Mr. Brown has been awarded the Ontario Trial Lawyers Distinguished Service Award and was appointed to vice chair of the Ontario Bar Association Insurance Section.

Patrick Brown Posts

Province to face trial in lawsuit over toddler's death

TORONTO – An Ontario judge says the provincial government must face trial in a lawsuit filed by the family of a two-year-old girl who died in an unlicensed daycare three years ago. Read more

The legality of ‘taking the lane’

By Patrick Brown . “Taking the lane” is permitted in Toronto in order to ensure cyclists are safe. Taking the lane simply means moving over to the middle of the lane as opposed to staying on the right. When the road is wide enough to be safely shared, the bicyclist will normally ride about one meter from the curb. Read More at McLeish Orlando LLP Blog Read more

Budget hits disabled crash survivors hard with little consultation

By Patrick Brown . When the Liberals announced in their budget they were “Building A Fair Society for all Ontarians,” they must not have been including the disabled. No wonder the Ontario Brain Injury and Spinal Cord groups are up in arms. Outside of lowering premiums for those who get snow tires, the government made the largest benefit reduction in the history of Ontario auto insurance. Read More at McLeish Orlando LLP Blog Read more

Cycling event moves to Saturday, welcomes kids, parents

Growing up in Mississauga's village of Clarkson, Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown developed a love of cycling that shaped who he became as an adult. And as new generations of cyclists take to their neighbourhood streets each year, Brown wants to do his part to ensure they can do so safely. Read more

Brown helps cyclists navigate complicated legal system

Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown has partnered with Cycle Toronto to offer free legal advice to local riders, says a recent Metro report. Read more

Many steps ahead for scaffolding accident investigation: Brown

The Ontario Ministry of Labour, police and coroner will likely be handling the next steps of the investigation into the recent deaths of two construction workers in a Toronto scaffolding accident, critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown tells Global News. Read more

Networking one way to build an ideal client base

Focusing on relationship building is one way to attract ideal clients to a law firm, Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown tells Lawyers Weekly. Read more

Brown to speak at Ontario Rehab Alliance workshop

Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown is set to present at the Ontario Rehab Alliance AGM & Breakfast Workshop later this month. Read more

Brown to discuss SABS dispute resolution regime

Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown will share his thoughts on the new Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS) dispute resolution regime at the Oatley McLeish Guide to Motor Vehicle Litigation 2015 event later this month. Read more

Blaming lawsuits for ban on tobogganing nonsensical

The fingers of blame in the war on tobogganing must not be pointed at lawyers and lawsuits, when, in the last century, there have been only two successful reported cases related to the winter activity, Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown says on TVO’s The Agenda . Read more

More than reverse onus is needed to prove negligence: Brown

While reverse onus laws were implemented with good intentions, the legislation is unlikely to act as the trigger in proving and advancing a case, Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown told participants at Ontario Bar Association Institute 2015. The Institute is the highest attended continuing legal education program in Ontario. Read more

'Just do it' attitude will not decrease injuries – and lawsuits – in extreme sports

As the appetite for the adrenaline rush associated with extreme sports grows, so do the instances of injuries and lawsuits related to such activities, Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown writes in Lawyers Weekly . Read more

B.C. court acknowledges power imbalance between car and bike

By Patrick Brown . In Davies v. Elston , 2014 BCSC 2435 (CanLII) the defendant motorist overheard two passing cyclists commenting on the danger presented by the outstretched mirrors of his truck, which was parked to the right of a designated bike lane. Annoyed, he got in his truck and chased the cyclists. A verbal altercation broke out and the cyclist fell and broke his hip. Read More at The Fine Print Blog Read more

Brown to discuss cyclist, pedestrian cases at OBA Institute 2015

Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown will share his thoughts on liability issues in cyclist/pedestrian cases at the Ontario Bar Association Institute 2015 insurance law program on Feb. 4. Read more

War on tobogganing can't be blamed on lawsuits

Renewed efforts to avoid tobogganing lawsuits in Hamilton have fuelled misconceptions around the likelihood of municipalities being successfully sued for allowing the activity on its property, says Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown. Read more