Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown
McLeish Orlando LLP
Senior Partner
Personal Injury

Senior partner with McLeish Orlando LLP in Toronto, Patrick Brown practises critical injury law with cases across Ontario.

Mr. Brown focuses on matters that result in helping those who have suffered serious, catastrophic critical injuries and those who have lost a loved one due to the fault of another.

A graduate of The College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan, Mr. Brown was called to the Bar in 1991 and is a certified specialist in civil litigation.

His practice areas are traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, cycling injuries and fatalities, drownings, fatal accidents and disability insurance claims.

Mr. Brown has been awarded the Ontario Trial Lawyers Distinguished Service Award and was appointed to vice chair of the Ontario Bar Association Insurance Section.

Patrick Brown Posts

Severe penalties may help reduce vehicle-pedestrian collisions

Stiffer penalties for drivers who hit pedestrians with their vehicles may be one way to help reduce collisions in the city, Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown tells CBC News . Read more

Campaign focuses on importance of cyclist visibility

Visibility through proper lighting and reflective gear on bicycles is one of the most important aspects of road safety for cyclists, says Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown , a partner with McLeish Orlando LLP . Read more

What happens if your child is injured while not in your care?

By Patrick Brown . There are many times where a parent must trust another adult to supervise their child; school, daycare and babysitter, to name a few. In each case, the caretaker has assumed responsibility for the child and is legally obligated to ensure that they stay out of harm. As a personal injury lawyer in Toronto, I have, unfortunately, seen instances where that obligation has not been fulfilled. Read more

Owners of daycare where two-year-old died charged with obstruction

MARKHAM – The owners of an unlicensed home daycare where a two-year-old child died two years ago have been charged with obstructing police. Read more

To lend, or not to lend your car

By Patrick Brown . A lot of people generously lend their vehicle to a friend or family member without giving it much thought. Sometimes, it seems absolutely necessary. But as a personal injury lawyer in Toronto, I’m acutely aware of the fact that many people don’t recognize the magnitude of responsibility that is being taken on. Both the owner of the car and the driver to whom they are lending it must be aware of the risks that come with driving someone else’s vehicle before they get behind the wheel. Read more

Dealing with young drivers

By Patrick Brown . Youth are a danger to themselves and others on the road; sadly, statistics prove that. According to Parachute Canada, only 13 per cent of Canadian licensed drivers are between the ages of 16-24 but they account for 24 per cent of fatalities and 26 per cent of serious injuries in motor vehicle collisions. Read more

Groups demand vulnerable road user law in Ontario

A coalition of groups, including Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown , a partner with McLeish Orlando LLP , is calling on the province’s Attorney General to follow several U.S. jurisdictions by implementing a vulnerable road user law. Read more

Back-to-school safety tips for parents

By Patrick Brown . With September fast approaching, it is almost time for students here in Toronto and across the country to head back to school. This time of year makes parents and personal injury lawyers nervous; the change of season requires some additional precautions to keep children safe. Read more

Minimum sentence needed for hit-and-run drivers

Leaving the scene of a collision with a cyclist or pedestrian is a “heinous crime” that is deserving of a penal sentence, Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown tells the Toronto Star . Read more

Severely injured individuals should not be targeted by cuts

If proposed changes to the province’s auto insurance system move forward, they should be implemented in a way that does not impact severely injured individuals, Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown tells the Toronto Sun. Read more

Changes necessary before cyclists, motorists seen as equals

Inequality will continue to exist between cyclists and motorists until a major change takes place in the form of separated bike lanes on the majority of city streets or stiffer penalties that reflect the importance of sharing the road, Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown tells NOW Magazine . Read more

Keep clients happy with efficient processes, competent staff

A strong support staff and staying on top of technological advances are two ways law firms can increase customer loyalty and maintain long-term relationships with clients, Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown tells Lawyers Weekly. Read more

Stiff penalties needed for drivers who injure, kill cyclists

Requiring drivers who are convicted of injuring or killing pedestrians or cyclists to attend the reading of victim impact statements could go a long way in emphasizing the serious nature of such an act, Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown tells Metro. Read more

Benefit cuts an 'attack' on the disabled

The Ontario Liberals’ plan to revamp the province’s auto insurance system through benefit cuts is, simply put, “an unnecessary and unjustified attack on the dignity and independence of the seriously disabled,” Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown writes in Lawyers Weekly . Read more

Ontario increases penalties for distracted drivers

TORONTO – Ontario unanimously passed legislation Tuesday increasing penalties for drivers who text or use a handheld phone while on the road, and who open their door into the path of a cyclist. Read more