Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown
McLeish Orlando LLP
Senior Partner
Personal Injury

Senior partner with McLeish Orlando LLP in Toronto, Patrick Brown practises critical injury law with cases across Ontario.

Mr. Brown focuses on matters that result in helping those who have suffered serious, catastrophic critical injuries and those who have lost a loved one due to the fault of another.

A graduate of The College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan, Mr. Brown was called to the Bar in 1991 and is a certified specialist in civil litigation.

His practice areas are traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, cycling injuries and fatalities, drownings, fatal accidents and disability insurance claims.

Mr. Brown has been awarded the Ontario Trial Lawyers Distinguished Service Award and was appointed to vice chair of the Ontario Bar Association Insurance Section.

Patrick Brown Posts

Impairment tests must precede marijuana legalization

With recent reports showing an increase in drug-impaired driving in Toronto, critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown tells Metro News that he is concerned the federal government will legalize marijuana before technology is available to test for impairment at the roadside. Read more

PIA pediatric brain injury conference draws crowd of health experts

A range of topics from the integration of brain-injured children back into the school system to the impact of energy drinks were discussed at a recent conference attracting high-profile experts on pediatric traumatic brain injury, says Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown , who co-chaired the event. Read more

Instincts kick in for pedestrians, even when distracted

While accident statistics reflect the impact of distracted driving caused by using a mobile device, at walking speed, a built-in sense of self-preservation has the chance to operate even if a pedestrian is preoccupied, Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown tells Global News. Read more

Manslaughter conviction in cyclist death a 'major step forward'

A manslaughter conviction for a speeding driver who struck and killed a cyclist in 2013 represents positive movement against "road violence," but more needs to be done, says Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown . Read more

Mandatory minimums needed to deter hit and run accidents

Unless stronger penalties are imposed on drivers who leave the scene of an accident where someone has been left injured or dying — such as a recent hit-and-run that killed a Scarborough pedestrian — this type of situation will continue to happen, Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown tells Metro News . Read more

Manslaughter charge in daycare death reflects 'gravity' of tragedy

A manslaughter charge in the death of a toddler at an overcrowded Vaughan daycare provides the child's family at least some solace in acknowledging the “criminal” nature of her death, lawyer Patrick Brown tells the Toronto Star . Read Canadian Press. Read more

Photo radar plan 'first step' for pedestrian, cyclist safety

Toronto Mayor John Tory's recent request to allow photo radar would be a win for both pedestrians and cyclists, but the city should also consider further measures aimed at reducing speed, Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown tells Metro News . Read more

Olympic facility operator faces little risk in luge deaths

Operators of parks that might lure individuals to danger after-hours could be exposed to liability if proper security measures aren’t in place, says Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown. Read more

OHIP and out of country not intended to mix

By Patrick Brown . Not long ago, we blogged about the importance of travel insurance for even a day trip out of Canada. Some of you wondered if OHIP covers anything at all while you’re Stateside. The good news is yes; the bad news is it’s generally not enough to make much of a difference. Read more

Parents of child who died in daycare welcome guilty verdict

A guilty verdict for three people who ran an overcrowded daycare where a two-year-old girl died in 2013 is welcome, but it comes too late, Toronto lawyer Patrick Brown tells the Toronto Star . Read more

Drivers typically get slap on the wrist in cycling deaths: Brown

If a driver who was sentenced to 15 weekends in jail for leaving the scene after striking and killing cyclist Tom Samson had instead remained until authorities determined the circumstances, he likely would have only received a small fine, Toronto personal injury lawyer Patrick Brown tells Catherine Porter at the Toronto Star . Read more

How to avoid poisoning

By Patrick Brown . Children are notoriously curious. As a result, they have a tendency to get themselves into trouble. Unfortunately, unintentional poisoning is a serious issue that continues to affect far too many Canadian children every year. In fact, the Public Health Agency of Canada estimates an average of three deaths each year among children age 14 and younger, and an additional 900 hospitalizations, due to unintentional poisonings. Read more

Insurance medical assessments need strict code

In spite of positive developments to fight auto insurance fraud in Ontario, some “bad apples” remain unregulated, resulting in the wrongful denial of millions of dollars to legitimately injured claimants, Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown writes in Lawyers Weekly . Read more

Municipality must act to make roads safer for pedestrians, cyclists

A federal law isn’t necessary for the city to take action against pedestrians and cyclists being killed by heavy trucks, Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown tells Metro. Read more

Halloween safety tips to tell your kids

By Patrick Brown . Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday for most kids and their parents. Children dress up, trick-or-treat with friends, and help adorn homes with carved pumpkins and scary decorations. It’s a highlight of the year. However, it’s also important to keep your child’s safety in mind throughout all the fun. Here are some safety tips for your ghouls and boys: Read more