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Kopping-Pavars to host talk on mindfulness

Toronto-area family lawyer Nicolle Kopping-Pavars is hosting a talk on mindfulness on Nov. 28 in Markham.

The talk will be held at the York Family Law Chambers, 500 Hood Rd., Suite 400 and runs from 7 to 8:30 p.m., says Kopping-Pavars, principal of NKP Law.

“I realized that as lawyers, we spend so much time with our thoughts, our files, our client’s angst that we miss out on seeing, feeling and experiencing the present moment,” she says.

“Have you ever driven somewhere, arrived and realized you don't remember the drive because you were so lost in the conversation in your mind?”

Kopping-Pavars says mindfulness “doesn’t mean just being calm or Zen-like — sitting in the lotus position for hours on end.

“Mindfulness in everyday life allows you to become the observer of what is happening in your body and mind at any given time so that you spend less time with the stories in your head and more time being present and open to your own wisdom and the truth.”

The cost of the session is $30 and will be led by Kopping-Pavars’s teacher, Jess Koffman.

The 90-minute talk will:

– Introduce you to the principles of mindfulness;

– Show you how to reduce everyday suffering and increase happiness; 

– Provide advice on improving your emotional well-being and dealing with difficulties, the world and people around you.

The session is accredited for CLE substantive hours. Seating is limited. To reserve a spot, email nicolle@nkplaw.ca to register.

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