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Neesons - Kim Neeson
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With more than 30 years of court reporting, Kim Neeson is at the forefront of advanced-technology reporting. She is known as a pioneer of the use of realtime reporting during litigation and provision of captioning (CART) services.

As founder and president of Toronto-based Neesons, she provides cutting-edge reporting at all levels of court, hearings, depositions, examinations for discovery and arbitrations. Neesons also provides CART across Canada from small business meetings to large events.

Neeson’s specialties include realtime court reporting, rough draft court reporting, expediting of transcripts, online repository and booking, legal videography, transcriptionist as approved by ACT for court transcripts, remote and local realtime streaming, CART (Computer Aided Realtime Translation) for hard of hearing consumers, voice-to-text realtime translation, remote CART via Internet, webcasting, transcription of various audio formats, note taking and videoconferencing

Repeatedly named as one of Canada’s top 100 female entrepreneurs by PROFIT/Chatelaine W100, Ms. Neeson is past vice-president and president of the Chartered Shorthand Reporters' Association of Ontario (three separate terms); member of the Ontario Government's Joint Committee on Court Reporting; member of the George Brown College Advisory Board; member Tech Eval Committee NCRA (2012-2013); member Tech Education Committee NCRA (2013-2014); member Freelance Firm Owners Committee (2014-2015); member of the STAR board (2014-2017); writer and speaker in the area of court reporting and captioning/CART.

Ms. Neeson’s memberships include the Chartered Shorthand Reporters’ Association of Ontario, National Court Reporters’ Association (USA), Canadian Association of Stenotype and Stenomask Technologists, National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC – USA), Society for the Technological Advancement of Court Reporting (STAR – USA), INTERSTENO.

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