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NearZero Discovery
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NearZero Discovery provides eDiscovery services, covering all phases of the process including ECA, culling, document review, processing, and production as well as project management services and support for IBM Lotus Notes.

In addition, the company offers consulting, forensic and non-forensic data collection, structured data transformation services, and litigation readiness assessments.

Its goal is to assist corporations and clients in the legal services industry by providing a centralized project management team and approach focused on their eDiscovery and IT project needs.

During litigation cases, NearZero Discovery strives to be the bridge between the information technology and legal departments. By applying project management practices, NearZero Discovery works with team members to identify, collect, preserve and broker requested data to client partners and vendors. It offers support for IBM Lotus Notes / Domino with certified staff that can assist with administration and application development to maintain and enhance existing applications.

Based in Newmarket, Ont., NearZero Discovery is a registered trade name of REW Computing Inc., a privately-held Canadian corporation that has been providing eDiscovery services since 2007.

NearZero Discovery Posts

NearZero Discovery strengthens its partnership with Venio Systems, adding VenioOne OnDemand and becoming a Venio reseller

“We looked at how we could better serve our clients and found that VenioOne OnDemand significantly enhanced our existing managed service offering. Read more

Looking for a self-service eDiscovery solution?

NearZero Discovery is excited to announce that it has now completed the implementation of VenioOne OnDemand (VOD) for immediate online access. Read more

Venio Systems celebrating 10th anniversary with special partner event and awards ceremony

"Venio will honor seven different award winners at this event, each winner unique in their contributions and partnerships with Venio. Among the honorees is Richard Wessel, President and Lead Consultant of NearZero Discovery . Mr. Wessel is a recipient of Venio’s newest award, Venio Ambassador, which is given to a partner who has contributed valuable content to Venio’s marketing, innovation, and thought leadership initiatives. For his participation and insights shared during our Advanced Email Analytics and 2019 eDiscovery Innovation Roundtable webinars, Mr. Wessel was a clear choice. Read more

Did you miss the 2019 eDiscovery Innovations Roundtable webinar?

NearZero Discovery recently participated in a roundtable discussion hosted by Venio Systems. Richard Wessel, President and Lead Consultant at NearZero Discovery, joined Chad Main, Founder of Percipient, to discuss past eDiscovery innovations and what to watch for in 2019. The webinar was moderated by two members of the Venio Systems team: Chris Jurkiewicz, Co-Founder & EVP Client Services and Michelle Spencer, Director of Education & Communication. Read more

Webinar: eDiscovery innovations roundtable

NearZero Discovery is a registered trade name of REW Computing Inc. We have been providing eDiscovery support services since 2007 to corporations and clients in the legal services industry. For more information about our full end-to-end eDiscovery services call us at 289-803-9730 or send us an email . Read more

Document communications and instructions for eDiscovery!

By Richard Wessel . I had the honor of presenting at iTech 2018 in downtown Toronto on November 8, 2018; we put together a presentation called “eDiscovery for IT Professionals”. Within the first few minutes I thought to myself….everything is going well, the audience is not small, but it’s not too large either and then as I completed my introduction and reviewed our scenario, up went a hand! I decided to take the question, and was amazed at the passion that was expressed by a seasoned IT professional who had obviously lived the eDiscovery experience, and by the sounds of it had been held accountable for something that had happened that was beyond his control. Read more

Meet NearZero Discovery at iTech Toronto 2018!

You're sitting at your desk, and the supervisor comes in and tells you that you need to put a legal hold on user X. Immediately you say “yes” and get to work to preserve user X’s data. The next day, the supervisor tells you that there are 5 more users to put on hold, and by the way, the lawyer wants all of the data tomorrow. Sound familiar? Read more

Did you miss the email analytics webinar? Watch it here!

NearZero Discovery recently partnered with Venio Systems for a webinar on advanced email analytics and thinking outside of the (in)box. Read more

Webinar: Advanced email analytics

Join us on October 17th for a webinar on Advanced Email Analytics: Think Outside of the (In)box. Read more

Lotus Notes/Domino data gotcha's

By Richard Wessel of NearZero Discovery . Lotus Notes/Domino is a collaborative platform that provides support for email, and other collaborative applications (purchased or custom developed) integrating social media, security, improving productivity, accelerating operations and enhancing decision making. (Read more about IBM Domino .) Read more

Integrating risk into your Litigation Response Plan

By Richard Wessel . There is a lot of activity that goes into determining the risk and your approach of responding to the litigation. One thing that can help your Litigation Response Team (LRT) is to understand what Risk Identification Matrix your organization has. As well as how it overlaps or determines the actions to take in response to a litigation. And to what extent the action should look like. Read more