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Natalie MacDonald
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Principal of Toronto employment law firm MacDonald & Associates, Natalie MacDonald provides senior counsel on all issues in employment law, including policy and contract drafting, hiring process issues, terminations, discipline, restrictive covenants, employment contracts, employment standard issues, workplace bullying and harassment, human rights and sexual harassment.

She represents both employees and employers, and assists in providing each with clear, practical advice, in an effort to help them understand their rights and obligations.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law of the University of Windsor, Ms. MacDonald received her Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from Queen’s University and was called to the Ontario Bar in 2000.

Ms. MacDonald has been repeatedly named among Canada’s Top Employment Law Practitioners.

One of her cases, Antidormi v. Blue Pumpkin Software Inc. [2004] is considered a leading decision in the area of inducement of employees to organizations.

In addition, Ms. MacDonald authored Extraordinary Damages in Canadian Employment Law, a first-of-its-kind legal textbook published in 2010.

Ms. MacDonald was the Editor-in-Chief of the respected Employment Bulletin for seven years, as well as a routine contributor to Canadian HR Reporter, Canadian Employment Law Today and Canadian Employer.

She also chairs and speaks at conferences frequently, including those held by the Law Society of Ontario, Osgoode Professional Development Updates, the Ontario Bar Association, and the Human Resources Professional Association.

Ms. MacDonald is the founding Co-Chair of the Employment Law Practice Essentials Conference; a program director of the Osgoode Professional Development HR Law for HR Professionals course, and has been an instructor since its inception.

In addition, Ms. MacDonald serves as a director on two not-for profit Boards: Ridgeford Charitable Foundation and Brenyon Way Charitable Foundation; a former board member of a women’s shelter; a member of a Task Force for Social Justice spearheaded by the Chief Justice of the Ontario Court of Appeal, and also provided opinion to University of Toronto Law School in that same vein.

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