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Nainesh Kotak
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Founder & Principal
Personal Injury

Nainesh Kotak, founder and principal of the Toronto-area firm Kotak Personal Injury Law, focuses on personal injury and disability law.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in political science from York University in 1989 and earned his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Ottawa in 1992. Mr. Kotak was called to the Ontario Bar in 1994.

Mr. Kotak handles such matters as long-term disability claims, personal injury litigation, accident benefits claims, and Canada Pension Plan denials.

He has appeared before the Superior Court, the Ontario Court of Justice, tribunals including, the Financial Services Commission and the Social Security Tribunal, and conducted appeals before the Federal Court Trial Division.

Outside of his legal work, Mr. Kotak is on the board of directors of the Peel Children's Centre and is vice-chair of the board of Spectra Community Support Services, an organization that provides a 24-hour hotline to those in crisis.

In addition, he serves as vice-chair of the long-term disability section of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and is a member of the Canadian Bar Association, the Ontario Bar Association, The Advocates’ Society, and the Peel Law Association.

Nainesh Kotak Posts

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Is your disability insurance company sending you to an IME?

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LTD claimants should be mindful with social media posts

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Why you may need critical illness coverage

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Scales tipped in insurer's favour with LTD claims

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How long do long-term disability insurance benefits last?

By Nainesh Kotak . Once you have been approved for long-term disability benefits you may be wondering how long those disability benefits will continue to be paid by your disability insurer. Long-term disability policies are marketed as “peace of mind” insurance. However, termination of benefits happens quite frequently. Read more

Customers deserve same compassion insurer shows employees

Disability insurers should show as much compassion for their customers as they do for their employees, says Toronto personal injury and disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak. Read more

Third-party insurer ordered to provide coverage in pedestrian accident

By Nainesh Kotak . Pedestrians and cyclists are eligible to claim the same accident benefits as anyone who was injured while travelling in a motor vehicle, as long as the accident involved a motor vehicle. And, if you become injured by a motor vehicle, while walking or cycling, you may claim ‘no fault’ accident benefits from your own vehicle insurance policy, an insurance policy where you are considered a dependent, or against the insurance policy for a vehicle involved in the accident. Read more

Reasons a disability claim may be denied and what can be done

By Nainesh Kotak . This a list of five reasons that a disability claim may be denied. Has your disability claim been denied? See if any of these reasons fit your situation. Reason #1: Your disability insurance company says that you have a pre-existing condition. Read more

Any-occupation test a common reason to lose disability benefits

Toronto personal injury and disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak tells Global News that his client’s experience of being cut off disability benefits while undergoing chemotherapy treatment for intestinal cancer illustrates a persistent problem with workplace disability benefits. Read more

Family members awarded substantial damages in car accident lawsuit

By Nainesh Kotak . A mother was driving her car through an intersection when another driver entered against the red light and violently crashed into the family vehicle. The car accident resulted in serious injuries to the mother and minor physical injuries to two of her sons and tragically, her third and youngest child sustained a fatal brain injury. He was only five months old when he died. Read more

Karmic duty drives Kotak to give back to his community

Every year, Toronto personal injury and disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak hosts the Kotak Law Annual Appreciation Gala to show his appreciation to those around him and the wider community. Read more

Car accident injury lawsuit, disability claim dispute tried together

By Nainesh Kotak . It’s not uncommon for persons injured in a car accident to file multiple claims for compensation, depending on the circumstances of the accident and their injuries. Read more