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MKD International Inc.
MKD International Inc.
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MKD International is a full-service private investigation firm that has handled cases of internal theft, labour strife, domestic matters, fraud, product tampering, trademark violations, embezzlement, threats, false injury claims, stalking ad cyber-stalking, breach of trust, industrial espionage, sexual harassment, criminal and other investigations.

A highly-experienced team is assigned to handle each case file in a professional and confidential manner. The latest computerized and high-tech investigative equipment is also utilized to produce results. Their mission is to conduct quality investigations for every client. 

Company spokesman Jim Downs spent 22 years with the Toronto Police Service before becoming a founding partner and managing director of MKD International Inc., which conducts investigations for corporations and law firms around the globe.

As a veteran detective, Mr. Downs investigated drug and outlaw biker activity, headed the organized crime tactical unit, and spent two years directing one of Canada’s largest probes into the sale of fraudulent professional sports memorabilia.

He now uses the tools he learned as a police officer to conduct and manage sensitive and complex investigations for MKD International Inc., a full-service investigation firm.

Working with corporations, the legal profession, insurance companies, government agencies and financial institutions, the firm handles a wide variety of cases, including internal theft, labour strife, domestic matters, fraud, product tampering, trademark violations, embezzlement, threats, false injury claims, stalking and cyberstalking, breach of trust, industrial espionage, sexual harassment, and other criminal investigations.

Mr. Downs has provided security consulting and co-ordinated security reviews for government, as well as private companies and labour institutions, and conducted due-diligence investigations.

He holds a certificate in international terrorism studies and has received specialized training that enables him to co-ordinate strike management issues and execute security audits at various facilities.

With more than 30 years’ experience in professional law enforcement and private investigating, Mr. Downs has developed a vast network of intelligence contacts throughout the Americas, Western Europe and Eastern Bloc countries who are now utilized to assist MKD clients.

MKD International Inc. In The News
Law enforcement taking advantage of drones' surveillance potential

The falling cost of drone technology could revolutionize certain types of surveillance, says MKD International Inc. founding partner and managing director  Jim Downs . ... Read more

Surveillance maintains fair play during labour disputes: MKD

Surveillance can keep both management and unions playing fair during labour strife, says  Jim Downs , founding partner and managing director of  MKD International ... Read more

Digital information theft and the need for diligence

With the increase of digital information theft that could result in a devastating loss, it’s critical for corporations, institutions and individuals to take steps to ... Read more

MKD International probes trademark fraud

Private investigators give victims of trademark fraud a place to turn to deal with the problem, says  Jim Downs , founding partner and managing director of  MKD ... Read more

Open mind key to sexual misconduct investigations

Investigators must approach allegations of workplace sexual misconduct with an open mind, says  Jim Downs , the founding partner and managing director of MKD International ... Read more

Second lens on police investigations can change the outcome

MKD International Inc.  takes a second look at police investigations for individuals and families unsatisfied with the original outcome, says  Jim Downs , the ... Read more

Provincial crackdown on auto insurance fraud a step ahead

TORONTO — Ontario is cracking down on what it calls rampant auto insurance fraud, saying it will lead to rate cuts for the province's 10 million drivers. Auto insurance ... Read more

Compassion needed for investigating family matters: MKD

MKD International Inc.  handles all family-related investigations with compassion and understanding, says Jim Downs , the company’s founding partner and managing ... Read more

Background checks as part of pre-employment screening

Vetting potential employees before they are hired through background checks is a routine procedure for many companies, says Jim Downs , founding partner and managing director ... Read more

Growing number of companies hiring MKD to probe LTD claims

An increasing number of companies and government organizations are hiring MKD to investigate the validity of employee claims of long-term disability, says Jim Downs , founding ... Read more

MKD follows, hunts hidden assets in marital breakups: Downs

Finding hidden assets for family law counsel is key to ensuring equitable settlements among sparring ex-spouses, says Jim Downs , founding partner and managing director of  ... Read more

Protecting against intellectual property theft

To protect against intellectual property (IP) theft, companies need to have proper firewalls in place and limit access to employees who need it to do their jobs, says  Jim ... Read more

MKD guides companies to set internal safety plans

Companies require internal security controls to protect against possible wrongdoing by employees or external sources, says  Jim Downs, founding partner and managing ... Read more

Asset misappropriation by employees and the need for protection

Asset misappropriation of electronic data and propriety information by employees is on the rise and businesses have to protect themselves, says Jim Downs, founding partner and ... Read more

MKD provides litigation assistance to law firms of all types

MKD International Inc. provides a broad range of litigation support to lawyers, gathering   unbiased and court-defensible information that can be used as evidence, says its ... Read more

Workplace fraud a growing problem: Downs

Occupational fraud — sometimes called internal fraud — is a growing problem for businesses of all sizes, and the best way to reduce risk is to create proper management ... Read more

The rules of engagement around surveillance

With the use of electronic surveillance on the rise, it's important that business owners understand the rules of engagement for both video and audio, says Jim Downs , ... Read more

Mail-forwarding scam highlights fraud as a 'growth industry'

With complaints of mail-forwarding fraud seven times higher in 2016 than the previous year, MKD International Inc. managing director Jim Downs says it’s a sign that all ... Read more

The growing security risk to organizations from ‘insiders’

Organizations need to be increasingly vigilant about protecting their financial and proprietary data because of risks from employees or others with insider information, Jim Downs ... Read more

Jewelry heist a lesson in not cheaping out on a video security system

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