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MKD provides litigation assistance to law firms of all types

MKD International Inc. provides a broad range of litigation support to lawyers, gathering unbiased and court-defensible information that can be used as evidence, says its founding partner and managing director Jim Downs.

”We do everything from interviewing witnesses, surveillance, locating individuals, reviewing witness statements and police disclosure, as well as conducting background research and other types of due diligence,” he says. “We cover a wide spectrum of services.”

MDK works with virtually every kind of law firm, Downs tells AdvocateDaily.com.  

A full-service private investigation company, MKD assists lawyers with cases involving internal theft, labour tensions, domestic matters, fraud, product tampering, trademark violations, embezzlement, threats, false injury claims, stalking and cyber-stalking, breach of trust, industrial espionage, sexual harassment and other criminal charges.

“For example, we conduct due-diligence investigations for firms that handle business acquisitions and mergers,” he says. “For law firms that represent individuals who have been charged criminally, we are retained to track down potential witnesses and interview them. We review statements. For estate law, we are often engaged to locate people who have been named in estate matters.”

Family lawyers and personal injury firms ask MKD to conduct surveillance on parties involved in a legal action, Downs says. 

“Sometimes, we are retained to do accident reconstructions in personal injury cases and to review the information about the crash scene,” he says. “We also interview the police officers involved in the investigation and witnesses.”

MKD has access to the latest high-tech investigative tools, he adds.

Lawyers seek out the investigative firm for its expertise, impartiality and ability to gather evidence that will stand up in court, Downs says. 

“We gather information in a court-defensible manner and that’s key," he says. "Our investigators are all former police detectives who understand the proper procedure for collecting evidence. If it isn’t gathered properly, it may not be accepted in court and it would be a waste of time and money.”

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