Mitchell Rose

Mitchell Rose
Mitchell Rose Professional Corporation
Mediator, Settlement Counsel, Principal
Corporate, Employment & Labour, Mediation

Mitchell Rose, principal of Mitchell Rose Professional Corporation, is a mediator for a wide variety of civil disputes, including employment law, neighbour disputes, business law, real estate disputes, debt enforcement, estate litigation, professional negligence, insurance law and personal injury. As of 2019, his law practice focuses exclusively on employment law (including negotiating severance packages, and preparing and reviewing contracts for employees, employers, and contractors), and (non-condo) neighbour disputes (including boundary issues).

Mr. Rose graduated with a Specialized Honours Bachelor of Arts in psychology from York University in 1990 before earning his Bachelor of Laws from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1993. In addition, he has received certificates in mediating disputes from the Harvard Negotiation Institute at Harvard Law School and in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) from the University of Windsor. He was called to the Ontario Bar in 1995. He has practised law in Toronto for more than 20 years, primarily as a general civil litigator. He appeared at all levels of Court and tribunals in Ontario.

Mr. Rose has been a working mediator since 2007 — covering all areas in which he has practised as a civil litigator. In recent years, in order to complement his growing mediation practice, he transformed his law practice from a litigator role to a Settlement Counsel: A lawyer focused on servicing his client’s needs through negotiation and dispute resolution, as opposed to lengthy and expensive court battles.

Mr. Rose is designated as a Chartered Mediator (C.Med) by the ADR Institute of Canada, and is a former Director of the ADR Institute of Ontario. He is a member of the ADR Section Executive of the Ontario Bar Association and is a Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators.

Mitchell Rose Posts

Rose to present at OBA Labour & Employment program

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Early intervention in business disputes controls risk, costs

Bringing in a neutral third-party to deal with ongoing problems that can arise between business partners or shareholders can help avoid those issues spinning out into expensive and protracted legal disputes, says Toronto mediator and settlement counsel Mitchell Rose. Read more

Rose to discuss workplace mediation and accommodating mental health

As part of Osgoode Professional Development’s (OsgoodePD) Certificate in Mental Health Law, Toronto mediator and settlement counsel Mitchell Rose will discuss mediation in the context of accommodating mental health disabilities in the workplace. Read more

Mediation the key to uncovering future working relationships

Mediation can uncover opportunities for a continued working relationship in employer-employee disputes, says Toronto mediator and settlement counsel Mitchell Rose. Read more

Rose launches virtual, flexible ADR practice

Toronto mediator and lawyer Mitchell Rose is launching a one-stop-shop for mediation and settlement counsel services — under the banners of Rose Dispute Resolution and Mitchell Rose Law — to provide effective, adaptable and creative legal solutions. Read more

Mediating neighbour disputes can save time, money: Rose

In the first instalment of a three-part series on the benefits of mediation in disputes where there are ongoing relationships that need to be managed quickly and inexpensively, Toronto mediator and settlement counsel Mitchell Rose focuses on neighbours. Read more

When neighbour disputes turn ugly

The idea that a person’s home is their castle, combined with the concept that proximity breeds contempt, can lead people to take extreme positions about what appears to be everyday neighbour issues, says Toronto mediator and settlement counsel Mitchell Rose. Read more

When settling your case is the best option

While it may be tempting to have your ‘day in court,’ there are several key reasons why you should consider settling over litigating, including changing the future rather than dwelling in the past, Toronto mediator and settlement counsel Mitchell Rose. Read more

Rose creates CPD program to address mediation advocacy

Inspired by his passion for writing and speaking on the topic of mediation advocacy, Toronto mediator and settlement counsel Mitchell Rose has created an innovative and interactive continuing professional development (CPD) program to share some practical tips and best practices. Read more

Benefits to hiring an out-of-town mediator: Rose

Toronto mediator and settlement counsel Mitchell Rose regularly travels throughout Southern Ontario to provide cost-effective mediation services, and says there are advantages to hiring an “outsider.” Read more

After-hours mediation provides fewer distractions, more flexibility

If mediation is touted as a fast, effective and creative alternative to litigation, it shouldn’t continue to be confined to court hours, Toronto mediator and settlement counsel Mitchell Rose tells Read more

Settlement in lottery dispute highlights benefits of mediation

News that a Nova Scotia woman and her nephew reached an agreement on how they will share a disputed lottery jackpot illustrates the benefits of mediated solutions, Toronto mediator and settlement counsel Mitchell Rose tells Read more

The riveting conclusion to ‘should mediators work on contingency?’

By Mitchell Rose . Welcome to the riveting conclusion of last week’s post, entitled should mediators work on contingency? I appreciate the ‘negative’ response it generated (as in, “no, they should not work on contingency”). There should be no surprise then that, unlike the lawyer-side of my brain that often answers tough legal questions with “well, it depends,” the mediator-side is clear and unequivocal on the issue of whether mediators should charge contingency fees: “No, and it doesn’t depend (on anything, anyone, or any result)!” Read more

Should mediators work on contingency?

By Mitchell Rose . Recently, someone asked me if mediators ever work on contingency. The question took me by surprise. To me, the answer seemed obvious, and so I replied: “No, of course not.” As a mediator, I have never charged a contingency fee, nor do I know any mediators where I practise (Ontario, Canada) who do so. Frankly, I don’t believe the thought had ever crossed my mind. However, as a lawyer (I am a lawyer and a mediator – just not for the same dispute), I will enter into contingency fee arrangements for legal services with clients from time-to-time, and for certain types of matters. Read more

Rose to present at OBA Mediation Bootcamp

Toronto mediator and settlement counsel Mitchell Rose will share his insights and provide practical advice at an upcoming Ontario Bar Association's Mediation Bootcamp. Read more