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At Mills & Mills LLP, we believe in forming lasting relationships. In a city filled with capable lawyers and law firms, our clients choose us because we provide legal advice that focuses on the long term. Many of our clients have been with us for decades, forming close professional relationships with lawyers they can turn to time and again for trusted advice. Our lawyers and staff stay with us because of their dedication to our firm, our shared values, and our commitment to the highest standards of the practice of law in serving our clients.

Personal and Business Legal Services in Toronto

George Gordon Mills opened our first office at the corner of Church and Front Street in 1884. His brother, Alexander, joined in 1889 after serving as Deputy Attorney General of Manitoba for two years. Since that time, the Mills family has had a continuous presence in the firm. With the family now represented for four generations, it is the longest-standing such tradition for a law firm in Canada.

Many of our clients have been with the firm for generations as well. Our service, commitment and ability to grow with our clients have earned us the multigenerational loyalty of families, businesses and charitable organizations.

Our firm’s lawyers have distinguished themselves within the practice of law and beyond. Our lawyers have served Canada as a Deputy Attorney General of Manitoba, a Premier of Ontario, two Attorneys General of Ontario, a Treasurer of Ontario, a Toronto City Solicitor and several High Court judges. Ralph Shaw Mills, Q.C., was one of the last Canadian lawyers to appear before the Privy Council in the United Kingdom before appeals from the Supreme Court of Canada to that court were abolished.

Mills & Mills LLP believes in access to affordable legal services. As the exclusive Ontario provider law firm for LegalShield since 1999, we are able to provide or arrange for legal services for individuals, families and small businesses that are members of LegalShield throughout the province.

We are also proud to belong to the International Lawyers Groups (ILG), a network of independent law firms and legal practitioners. Entry into the ILG is restricted to law firms that have had dealings with member firms and have proven their commitment to delivering legal services of the highest quality. Through our membership in ILG, we are able to connect our clients to trusted legal counsel all over the world.

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