Michael Stangarone

Michael Stangarone
MacDonald & Partners LLP
ADR, Civil Litigation, Family, Mediation

Michael Stangarone received his Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Western Ontario after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science (Hons) from University College, University of Toronto.

An effective litigator, Mr. Stangarone appears at all levels of court in Ontario and is the author of a number of articles for legal education programs and various publications. He is also a contributing author to books written by the firm including Handling a Family Law Matter, and Family Law Arbitration in Canada.

Using his negotiation skills, Mr. Stangarone invokes alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, including mediation and arbitration, to reach successful resolutions of complex family law matters.

Michael Stangarone Posts

Mother's actions unacceptable in failing to facilitate therapy, access

An Ontario Superior Court justice recently concluded a pattern of calculated conduct undermining a father’s efforts to repair his relationship with his children cannot be tolerated, says Toronto family lawyer Michael Stangarone , partner with MacDonald & Partners LLP . Read more

Costly Florida support order set aside by Ontario court

An Ontario court justice recently set aside a child support order that originated in Florida due to it being contrary to provincial public policy, says Toronto family lawyer Michael Stangarone . Read more

Creative remedies can address noncompliance

Under the Ontario Family Law Rules , a litigant who fails to obey a court order may find themselves subject to subrule 1(8), which directs a court to “deal with the failure by making any order that it considers necessary for a just determination of the matter,” Toronto family lawyers Michael Stangarone and Ryan Kniznik write in Lawyers Weekly . Read more

Support guidelines, income provisions must work together

While the Federal Child Support guidelines set out a fairly straightforward system for determining income, implementing... Read more

Judge raps mother for marginalizing father's role

An Ontario Superior Court justice has granted relief to the father of two young girls after finding their mother’s move... Read more

Breaches of child-related court orders have consequences

Ontario courts have broad powers to respond to breaches of court orders where a child’s relationship with one parent is being undermined, Toronto family lawyer Michael Stangarone writes in Lawyers Weekly . Read more

Costs not guaranteed in dispute where litigant behaves badly

Unreasonable behaviour in a child custody case can act as grounds to rule against a party paying costs –... Read more

Child, parent relationship top priority: judge

A recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision takes a strong judicial stance on breaches of court orders that impact children, says Toronto family lawyer Michael Stangarone. Read more

Motion seeking forced sale of matrimonial home dismissed

While joint owners of a matrimonial home have an automatic right to force sale under the law, a recent Ontario Superior... Read more

Separating spouses: be forthright or suffer the consequences

Separating spouses must always act in the best interest of their children and must not leverage child-related issues for... Read more

Oakville business owner breaches orders, loses pub to wife

In a recent separation case, an Oakville man lost ownership of his profitable pub to his wife after a lengthy proceeding that involved the appointment of an interim receiver – a rare move in family law, says Toronto family lawyer Michael Stangarone. Read more

David: 1, Goliath: 0 – court orders third party disclosure

An Ontario Superior Court has ordered significant third party disclosure in a support case that pits a wealthy Ottawa bu... Read more

Court can order drug, alcohol testing of third parties

The court has the authority to order drug and alcohol testing of parents and third parties,... Read more

Egregious conduct results in motion to strike

That’s exactly what happened in a recent case, says Stangarone. Read more

Foreign court decisions can dramatically affect Ontario proceedings

A recent family law decision should serve as a caut... Read more