Michael Lesage

Michael Lesage
Michael's Law Firm
Sole Practitioner
Commercial Litigation, Insurance, Personal Injury

Michael Lesage, sole practitioner of Michael’s Law Firm in Toronto, focuses mainly on commercial and business litigation.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Western University in 2003, Mr. Lesage earned his Doctor of Law from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in 2006. He was called to the Florida Bar in 2006 and the Ontario Bar in 2012.

Working in Pittsburgh and Florida in the areas of personal injury, commercial litigation, professional malpractice and insurance, Mr. Lesage regularly handled matters for doctors, business owners, and community residents at arbitration, trial, and on appeal.

Since moving back home to Southern Ontario in 2012, Mr. Lesage’s practice has continued to focus primarily on litigation.

His legal practice includes business litigation, professional negligence/malpractice claims, personal injury, and insurance coverage disputes.

He has represented clients in front of the Superior Court of Justice, Divisional Court, Small Claims Court, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board and the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

Michael Lesage Posts

Judgment obtained after having defendant’s defences struck

By Michael Lesage . Recently, I was successful in obtaining default judgment for my client after having the defendant’s defences stricken. In commercial litigation that had been ongoing for approximately two years, several orders had been made against the defendant, with which he made no effort to comply. In the face of such non-compliance, I moved to have his defences stricken, which after hearing (and further non-compliance), the court granted. Read more

Lesage: LSUC poised to dictate how law firms are run

The Law Society of Upper Canada is seeking submissions on a proposal that could change the way law firms are run and further dictate how legal services are provided in Ontario, says Greater Toronto Area lawyer Michael Lesage. Read more

OCA: coverage not forfeited by technical non-compliance

A recent Court of Appeal decision reaffirms an important principle in insurance law — insurers may not declare insurance coverage forfeit based on a policy holder's non-compliance with technical policy provisions, says Greater Toronto Area insurance lawyer Michael Lesage. Read more

Title insurer ordered to provide coverage

By Michael Lesage . When buying a property, it is often a good idea to purchase title insurance, for protection against unknown risks or problems. This was aptly illustrated in the recent case of MacDonald v. Chicago Title Insurance Company of Canada , 2015 ONCA 842 (CanLII) . In that case, Paul and Stefanie MacDonald purchased a home in Toronto in 2006, along with a title insurance policy from the Chicago Title Insurance Company of Canada. Read more

OCA tasks title insurer with coverage over structural damage

A recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision ordering a title insurance company to cover the claim of a Toronto couple when their house was declared unsafe is based on sound reasoning, says Toronto insurance lawyer Michael Lesage . Read more

Eat, drink and be merry: a refresher on host liability

By Michael Lesage . With the holidays fast approaching, many people are planning to invite family and friends over to indulge in festive food and drinks. At a number of such gatherings, guests may become intoxicated and insist on driving home. Read more

Landlords obligated to ensure rental properties are safe

A recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision that found the owner of a residential rental property may be liable for injuries that occurred on his property illustrates a landlord's continuing obligation to ensure the property is in a safe condition, says Greater Toronto Area civil litigator Michael Lesage . Read more

Parental liability for schoolyard bullying

By Michael Lesage . Historically, parents were not legally responsible for restitution for damages caused by their children. Read more

Lesage: Ontario courts must join the digital age

Practising law in the United States then moving back to Ontario was like "replacing my iPhone with a carrier pigeon" in terms of the ease of the administration of justice, says Toronto civil litigator Michael Lesage . Read more