Michael Lesage

Michael Lesage
Michael's Law Firm
Sole Practitioner
Commercial Litigation, Insurance, Personal Injury

Michael Lesage, sole practitioner of Michael’s Law Firm in Toronto, focuses mainly on commercial and business litigation.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Western University in 2003, Mr. Lesage earned his Doctor of Law from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in 2006. He was called to the Florida Bar in 2006 and the Ontario Bar in 2012.

Working in Pittsburgh and Florida in the areas of personal injury, commercial litigation, professional malpractice and insurance, Mr. Lesage regularly handled matters for doctors, business owners, and community residents at arbitration, trial, and on appeal.

Since moving back home to Southern Ontario in 2012, Mr. Lesage’s practice has continued to focus primarily on litigation.

His legal practice includes business litigation, professional negligence/malpractice claims, personal injury, and insurance coverage disputes.

He has represented clients in front of the Superior Court of Justice, Divisional Court, Small Claims Court, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board and the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

Michael Lesage Posts

Contingency fees are critical for access to justice

The pending review by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) must consider the impact that restricting contingency fees will have on both lawyers’ ability to earn a living and their clients’ access to justice, says Toronto litigation lawyer Michael Lesage. Read more

Best examination for discovery tips for my clients

By Michael Lesage . Examinations for discovery (also sometimes referred to as depositions) are arguably the most important step in many lawsuits. It is the one opportunity (in most cases) for the opposing lawyer to question a party and to gauge whether they will present as believable and likable at trial. In the majority of cases, those two factors are crucial not only to (the amount of) damages but also to whether you win or lose. Read more

Court signals when the clock starts running

A recent Ontario Court of Appeal (COA) decision will have significant implications in future cases involving professional negligence, says Toronto litigation lawyer Michael Lesage. Read more

Family Court no place for paralegals: petition

Toronto civil litigator Michael Lesage is among those petitioning the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) to reject a proposal to let paralegals practice in family courts. Read more

Discoverability and professional relationships

By Michael Lesage . Recently in Presidential MSH Corporation v. Marr Foster & Co . LLP, 2017 ONCA 325, the Court of Appeal again addressed the discoverability doctrine within the scope of professional relationships. This decision is likely to have significant implications in cases involving professional negligence. Read more

Pot usage could impact benefits in accidents: Michael Lesage

A surge in impairment cases and increased detection of drug use could have an impact on the benefits and damages recovered by those involved in accidents, Toronto litigator Michael Lesage tells Law Times . Read more

Pro se — penny wise and pound foolish

By Michael Lesage . The legal system can be a dangerous place to go it alone, as the recent Lippa v. Colletta , 2017 ONSC 1122 (CanLII) case illustrates. Read more

Court of Appeal releases important decision on jurisdiction

By Michael Lesage . Recently, the Court of Appeal released an important decision governing which class actions may properly be brought in Ontario courts. Read more

How many lawyers does it take to send a letter?

Ontario’s antiquated courts system penalizes sole practitioners and their clients by complicating even the simplest tasks like mailing out a letter, says Toronto litigator, Michael Lesage . Read more

Car accident cases In Ontario – will a jury help?

By Michael Lesage . Few would argue that the human body is designed to withstand the forces involved in car accidents without injury. Where one party is injured through the fault of another, our legal system is designed to provide the injured person with compensation. Unfortunately, our legal system often fails to function properly where injuries are sustained in a car accident. The recent case of Mandel v. Fakhim , 2016 ONSC 6538 provides one such example. Read more

How to help your lawyer win your personal injury case

By Michael Lesage . If you’ve been injured and have a legal claim, you might be wondering what you can do to help your lawyer win your case, or at least get a better settlement. While I can’t speak for every lawyer, here are some things that my clients can do to help me get them the best results in their cases: Read more

University student's drinking death a 'liability wake-up call'

A lawsuit filed against Dalhousie University in Halifax after a 19-year-old student died from alcohol poisoning in residence is a wake-up call to all institutions to review their best practices, says Toronto litigator Michael Lesage. Read more

Coverage available to engineer where delay caused by negligence

By Michael Lesage . Recently, the Court of Appeal ruled that insurance coverage was available to a professional engineer who was liable for delay damages, where that delay was caused by negligence. Read more

Court cautions against improper objection to the form of orders

By Michael Lesage . In Continental Casualty Co. v. Symons , 2016 ONSC 4750 , Continental Casualty Co. moved to lift a stay of execution and to appoint an investigative receiver. Read more

Real estate investors induced by misrepresentations

By Michael Lesage . In the mid 2000’s, two middle class Toronto residents, Mr. Singh and Mrs. Lee, were each (separately) looking to profit from Toronto’s rising housing market. Read more