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Personal Injury

Based in Toronto, with consultation offices in Barrie, Hamilton, and Kitchener, McLeish Orlando focuses exclusively on personal injury law.

The firm’s lawyers handle personal injury matters such as orthopaedic, brain and spinal cord injuries, medical negligence or malpractice including delayed treatment due to missed or incorrect diagnosis, injuries from defective products or equipment, and wrongful death cases caused by negligence.

Using a network of case managers and rehabilitation professionals throughout the province, McLeish Orlando will assemble a team to handle cases for clients who have been seriously injured, and their families, and can offer assistance in many different languages.

McLeish Orlando LLP In The News
Jamieson v Kapashesit: a reminder of the consequences of late disclosure of surveillance

Written By: Bryan Sansom  and William Harding, Student-at-Law . In personal injury cases, the use of video surveillance to discredit a plaintiff’s injuries is a common tactic employed by insurance companies. The goal is to capture the plaintiff on video performing an action or activity that is inconsistent with their stated injuries. While video can be used to help eliminate fraudulent claims, it can also be unfairly harmful to injured plaintiffs when taken out of context. For this reason, there are obligations placed on defendants with respect to the proper disclosure and production of these videos. In the recent Superior Court decision, Jamieson v Kapashesit , Justice Cornell discussed these obligations and potential consequences in circumstance where they are not adhered to. Read more

MIG discriminates against chronic pain victims; infringing s. 15 of the charter

Written By: Selina Andrello and Joe Gaynor, Student-at-Law . In  Abyan v Sovereign General Insurance Company  (FSCO A16-003657, September 14, 2017), the constitutionality of the  Minor Injury Guideline  (“MIG”) was challenged. Specifically, Arbitrator Benjamin Drory defined the issue at the hearing as the following: Read more

Saadati v. Moorhead: The Supreme Court gives psychological injuries their proper recognition

Written By: Nick Todorovic and William Harding, Student-at-Law . As personal injury lawyers, we represent clients who have suffered many different types of injures. Although the majority of these injuries are physical in nature, they can be accompanied by or are solely due to psychological injuries. In the 2017 Supreme Court decision, Saadati v Moorhead , the Court examined how psychological injuries ought to be viewed by our justice system, and opined on the test to prove a psychological injury in the absence of physical injuries. Read more

Production of cellphone records in motor vehicle collisions

Written By: William Keele and Joe Gaynor, Student-at-Law . A common allegation in motor vehicle collision cases is that a party was negligently using his or her cellphone at the time of the collision. Over the last few years there has been a degree of uncertainty whether cell phone records are producible in the face of a party’s denial at discovery that they were using their cell phone. A recent decision of the Superior Court of Justice will hopefully grant some clarity on the issue. In  Rodrigues v. Doe , Master McGraw concluded that even in the face of the Plaintiff’s denial that he was using his cell phone at the time of the collision, his cell phone billing records are still relevant and are therefore producible. Read more

Patrick Brown on The Agenda with Steve Paikin, March 6, 2018 8pm on TVO

McLeish Orlando has not only been representing pedestrians across Ontario, we have been at the forefront of seeking to reduce road violence to this vulnerable group. Right now, Toronto is in a crisis with a record setting number of pedestrians being hit, seriously injured, and sometimes killed. After initiating and representing various active transportation organizations in the Coroners Review into Pedestrian and Cycling Deaths , many recommendations listed still have not been implemented. We are proud to work with various organizations like Friends and Families for Safe Streets in making a meaningful Vision Zero. Read more

Persampieri v. Hobbs—access to justice & costs in motor vehicle accident litigation

Written By: Michael Warfe and Krystal Leonov, Student-at-Law . Proportionality in the context of civil litigation reflects the notion that the time and expense devoted to a proceeding ought to be proportionate to what is at stake. It is a guiding principle that courts take into consideration when awarding costs to a successful litigant in conjunction with other factors such as the complexity of the issues in dispute and the financial strength of the parties involved. However, the principle of proportionality could serve to penalize plaintiffs with modest but legitimate personal injury claims, unless proper protection is afforded to them. Read more

Fire and safety: landlord requirements

By Lindsay Charles and Joe Gaynor, Student-at-Law. Residential landlords throughout the province need to be aware of their responsibilities. Providing safe rental properties is a fundamental requirement for all landlords. Among the leading obligations is to adhere to the Ontario Fire Code (the “Code”). Pursuant to the Code, it is the owner’s responsibility to comply with the provisions, and in the case of a rental suite, the landlord shall be considered to be the owner. Read more

Winter cycling

By William Keele and articling student Krystal Leonov. Tips for Winter Cycling Read more

McLeish Orlando presenting Brain Injury Awareness Month Conference

Toronto critical injury law firm McLeish Orlando LLP is sponsoring the upcoming Annual Brain Injury Awareness Month Conference, presented by the Brain Injury Association of Durham (BIAD). Read more

McLeish Orlando LLP exhibiting at Toronto Motorcycle Spring Show

Toronto critical injury law firm McLeish Orlando LLP will be exhibiting at the Toronto Motorcycle Spring Show in Mississauga later this month. Read more

McLeish Orlando LLP co-presenting 'Practical Strategies for Experts' event

McLeish Orlando LLP , as a member of PIA Law, is presenting the bi-annual 'Practical Strategies for Experts: Testifying Without Fear' conference in Toronto on Oct. 20. Read more

Six McLeish Orlando lawyers named to Best Lawyers in Canada list

We are pleased to announce that six lawyers from McLeish Orlando have been included in the 2017 edition of The Best Lawyers in Canada.  Best Lawyers®  is a peer-reviewed publication that is well renowned and respected in the legal community. Those included in this publication are chosen based on evaluations and reviews from other legal professionals in the community. Read more

McLeish Orlando LLP co-presenting Back to School conference

McLeish Orlando LLP , as a member of PIA Law, is set to co-host the annual Back to School conference this fall, presented in collaboration with the Ontario Brain Injury Association. Read more

Preventing accidents: pedestrian safety tips

By McLeish Orlando LLP . Pedestrian accidents continue to be an unfortunate, and often preventable, reality on our streets. A personal injury lawyer in Toronto sees every day that pedestrians are extremely vulnerable to severe injuries that can cause lifelong disability or death. Read more

Exercising with a spinal cord injury

By McLeish Orlando LLP . The positive influence that regular exercise has on wellbeing and quality of life is not just limited to the able-bodied. There is good news for individuals with spinal cord injuries, too: research has shown that physical activity can have dramatic effects on the recovery process. In fact, according to the Spinal Cord Injury Network, fitness is the only known intervention that can have lasting effects on function after a spinal cord injury. Read More at McLeish Orlando LLP Blog Read more

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