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INQ Data Law addressing cutting-edge issues

By Judy van Rhijn, Contributor

INQ Data Law, one of Toronto's newest additions, is bringing something unique to law — a focus on data and artificial intelligence, firm partners Mary Jane Dykeman and Carole Piovesan tell

INQ Data Law offers a range of services in privacy, data governance, cybersecurity, as well as policy and strategic advice on artificial intelligence (AI), the partners say.

“You don’t dabble in data, it’s too complicated, you need to specialize,” says Piovesan.

“Data is a very valuable asset. The changing and emerging regulatory landscapes in Canada and around the world make the use of data challenging to manage, despite the tremendous value," she says.

Dykeman agrees. “AI is an emerging field with great potential in what can be done with data, but that also gives rise to important discussions about ethics — not simply what can be done with data, but what should be done.”

The pair’s energy is palpable. Dykeman, also a partner with DDO Health Law, a sister firm to INQ, comes to the area from a background in health and privacy law. Piovesan recently left McCarthy Tetrault after nearly a decade, where she served as the firm's co-lead of their cybersecurity, privacy, and data management group.

"To be a true trusted advisor to clients, we need to understand the legal, policy, ethical and business issues to do with data collection and use, in Canada and key jurisdictions around the world," says Piovesan.

The work of the new firm team will cover a myriad of challenges.

“We work with clients to set a path for thoughtful, responsible and accountable data use," says Piovesan.

Dykeman says that issues surrounding data are increasingly coming onto the public radar.

“There’s a premise at law that most people know — all organizations have the responsibility to tell you how they’re going to collect, use and dispose of all of your information. The public is becoming more aware of how their data is being used, and abuses and misuses are becoming more apparent.”

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