Dykeman to address ORCA spring roadshow event

Toronto health lawyer Mary Jane Dykeman is speaking at the Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA) spring roadshow where this year’s conference topic is managing conflict and mitigating risk.

“Retirement homes are facing more challenges as the acuity of residents increases and the sector is more highly regulated. So the ORCA roadshow is timely,” she tells

The events — held in Ottawa on June 14, London on June 19 and Vaughan on June 21 — focus on learning and conversation with a group of experts to help manage challenging operational issues and mitigate potential risks to residents and those who work in the retirement community sector, says the association’s brochure on the event.

Dykeman, a partner with DDO Health Law, advises those in the health sector on a broad range of matters, including conflicts, risk management and reputational risk. She will address these topics and more in a two-part series during her presentation.

Senior leaders are increasingly faced with disruptive situations involving staff, residents and family members, resulting in increased time spent on investigations pertaining to allegations of harassment, human rights concerns and more, says the association's brochure.

The first of Dykeman’s presentations will be on inter-personal conflict versus workplace harassment. She will talk about how to improve on identifying what workplace harassment is, how to confront a bully and conduct a comprehensive investigation or resolve a conflict situation (not deemed workplace harassment) by executing best practices and having those tough conversations, says the association.

Her second segment is on admissions: resident rights versus operator rights. She will look at an operator’s obligations when a resident applies to live in their community, and how to protect against human rights complaints.

“This session will give operators a better understanding of their obligations under the Human Rights Code and provide strategies to de-escalate situations, understanding the limitations within a retirement home setting,” says the association’s brochure.

Dykeman will give “an important overview to mitigate risks, avoid legal actions and prepare management and marketing staff as they go through the application process,” it says.

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