Marvin Huberman

Marvin Huberman
Marvin Huberman
Sole Practitioner
ADR, Civil Litigation, Mediation

Marvin J. Huberman is a senior business lawyer, litigator, mediator and chartered arbitrator in Toronto representing individuals, businesses, financial institutions, and governments.

He has appeared before all levels of trial and appellate courts and administrative tribunals in respect of corporate/commercial, real-estate, administrative, constitutional and human rights matters, professional negligence, and cross-border disputes.

Mr. Huberman earned a Bachelor of Laws from the University of British Columbia in 1982, a mediation certificate in 1994 from Harvard Law School and a Master of Laws in Alternative Dispute Resolution from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1997, where he taught legal ethics and trial advocacy, and served as a negotiation and mediation coach.

He has also served as a civil litigation and advocacy instructor at the Law Society of Ontario (LSO), Bar Admission Course.

Mr. Huberman is certified by the LSO as a specialist in civil litigation, and is a mediator, arbitrator, former administrative law judge (vice-chair of the Ontario Commercial Registration Appeal Tribunal), and adjunct law professor at Osgoode Hall Law School.

He is founding member of the Chief Justice of Ontario's Advisory Committee on Professionalism (2001). He was appointed by the Chief Justice as a member of the Ontario Civil Rules Committee.

Mr. Huberman has been recognized by the ADR Institute of Canada by being accredited with the designation Chartered Arbitrator (C.Arb) indicating his degree of skill and experience as a professional in the field.

He is a member of the ADR Institute of Ontario Inc., where he sits on the board of directors and is chair of the IP/Technology Section; ADR Chambers Inc. mediation and arbitration member; member of the Canadian Bar Association, where he is the former chair of the national and Ontario civil litigation sections; member of the Civil Rules Committee; and member of the Competition Law and Policy Task Force of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Huberman is the recipient of a Dedicated Professional Service Award from the Canadian Bar Association, Ontario.

Marvin Huberman In The News
Debatable if voting reform would face Charter challenge

Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair have promised electoral reform as soon as possible after the federal election this year, pledging to scrap the current first-past-the-post voting system. Read more

Huberman recognized for excellence in commercial arbitration

Toronto litigator, mediator and arbitrator Marvin J. Huberman has been recognized by Global Law Experts as Commercial Arbitration Law Firm of the Year in Canada — 2015. Read more

ADR could achieve goals of stakeholders in eHealth dispute

Ontario’s high-profile legal battle between eHealth and CGI Information Systems is going to arbitration in what could be an efficient and fair way to achieve the goals of all parties involved, says Toronto commercial arbitrator  Marvin J. Huberman . Read more

Creating an appropriate dispute resolution action plan

Toronto arbitrator Marvin J. Huberman recently spoke at an ADR Institute of Ontario (ADRIO) event, sharing tips and strategies for devising an “Appropriate Dispute Resolution” action plan. Read more

Huberman receives Chartered Arbitrator designation

Toronto litigator, mediator and arbitrator Marvin J. Huberman has received the designation of Chartered Arbitrator (C. Arb) by the ADR Institute of Canada, indicating his degree of skill and experience as a professional in the field. Read more

Huberman to present at ADR Institute of Ontario event

Toronto arbitrator  Marvin J. Huberman will share his thoughts on when alternative dispute resolution (ADR) works, and when it doesn’t, at an upcoming presentation hosted by the ADR Institute of Ontario (ADRIO). Read more

Online dispute resolution has a long way to go in Ontario

News that British Columbia is set to introduce a mandatory online tribunal system to settle small claims court and strata disputes has reignited discussion around online dispute resolution, says Toronto arbitrator Marvin J. Huberman . Read more

When ADR works and when it doesn't

By Marvin J. Huberman “ADR” is an acronym for “Alternative Dispute Resolution.” It’s a term that encompasses a wide range of techniques that may be used to attempt to resolve a legal dispute without having to proceed to more traditional adversarial and adjudicatory processes such as litigation, hearings, and appeals.  Read more

Moore v. Getahun has huge implications for the litigation bar

Toronto litigator and arbitrator Marvin J. Huberman says one of the more interesting aspects of the Ontario Court of Appeal’s ruling in Moore v. Getahun , 2015 ONCA 55 (CanLII), is that it could signal a huge change to the way experts are cross-examined. Read more

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