Marcus Sixta

Marcus Sixta
Crossroads Law
ADR, Family, Mediation

Marcus Sixta, founder and principal of the firm Crossroads Law, based in Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia, focuses on family law.

He graduated with his Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Victoria in 2005 before earning his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Calgary in 2011. Mr. Sixta was called to the Bar of Alberta in 2012 and the Bar of British Columbia in 2015.

His background as a social worker aids Mr. Sixta’s work as a family law lawyer and an accredited family law mediator.

He assists with negotiating out-of-court settlements, mediating family law matters, and advocating as well as litigating in family court in Alberta and B.C.

Mr. Sixta has worked on high net-worth files, conducted trials in the child welfare system, assisted clients in international child abduction cases, and has provided an opinion to the High Court of London, England on an international child custody case.

In addition, Mr. Sixta has trained law students on family law litigation, presented family law topics to community groups, and has been a member on non-profit boards.

He is a member of the Canadian Bar Association, the Calgary Bar Association, and the Vancouver Bar Association.

Marcus Sixta In The News
Engagement rings: is it a gift or can you get it back?

By Marcus Sixta . The engagement ring, a symbol of love and the sign that it is time to book that wedding date! You received this fantastic, sparkly, expensive gift from your partner and all signs point to a long happy life together. However, tragedy strikes and the engagement is called off. Who gets that expensive ring? Read more

Unbundled legal services an underused access-to-justice solution

Unbundled legal services can fill the access-to-justice gap left by spiralling legal fees and dwindling legal aid funding, Calgary and Vancouver family lawyer  Marcus Sixta tells . Read more

Better late than never - retroactive child support

By Marcus Sixta . The obligation to pay child support after separation and divorce is mandated by both federal and provincial legislation in Alberta. This obligation is something that most separated or divorced parents are well aware of, but sometimes parents neglect to pay the necessary support for their children, or they simply pay less support than they should be. This can be the start of a family law case for retroactive child support. Read more

The biggest neglected liability for your business

By Marcus Sixta . What is the biggest potential liability for your business? When asked this question some people will list off things like competition, loss of market access, or theft of intellectual property. Rarely do I hear divorce, but divorce is a huge business liability that is often overlooked. Short of not getting married, the best defence to this liability is a prenuptial agreement drafted by a lawyer with a practice focused in family law.  Read more

Child support for university kids

By Marcus Sixta . For a variety of reasons, many studies have shown that children today require more and more education to become self-sustaining. This means that children even over the age of majority have to stay dependent on their parents later in life. A common issue for divorced or separated parents is how child support is supposed to work for children who have turned 18.  Read more

Alberta’s Family Property Act: new protection for common-law couples

An update of Alberta legislation will create a more equitable way of dividing assets when common-law couples split, says Calgary and Vancouver family lawyer  Marcus Sixta . Read more

Who gets the kids for the holidays?

By Marcus Sixta . Deciding on a holiday parenting schedule can be very difficult. The holiday season can be especially difficult to navigate for newly divorced or separated couples. In a family law case, it is important to determine what your holiday schedule is going to be long in advance of the December hustle and bustle. If you don’t know where your children are going to spend Christmas this year, now is the time to make those arrangements.  Read more

Interest-based mediation an effective model for family disputes

Resolving family law disputes often involves employing creative solutions, Calgary and Vancouver family lawyer  Marcus Sixta  tells . Read more

Am I separated from my spouse?

By Marcus Sixta . One question that often arises is “am I separated?” On the face of it, this seems like a simple issue, but if you are living in the same home as your former spouse things can get confusing. Fortunately, this family law issue has come before the courts before and there are factors that we can use to help provide an answer to those in relationship limbo.  Read more

Family law: access to justice in crisis

In some Canadian jurisdictions, almost two-thirds of all family law cases have at least one self-represented party who attends court without the help of a lawyer, which is taxing an already overburdened system, Calgary and Vancouver family lawyer  Marcus Sixta  writes in The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

Parents’ down payment gifts and divorcing children

By Marcus Sixta . The gifting of down payments by parents to their children is on the rise as home ownership becomes increasingly unattainable in many Canadian cities. In fact, parental down payment gifts have doubled to 15 per cent for homes purchased between 2014 and 2016, according to Mortgage Professionals Canada. There are family law implications to consider when a gift is poured into a down payment for what will become a married couple’s home as  41 per cent of Canadian marriages end in divorce  by the 30 th  year of marriage.  Read more

Social work background gives Sixta unique insights

Understanding alternative ways to resolve conflict can help any lawyer in his or her role, but it’s particularly important for those dealing with a family breakdown, Calgary and Vancouver family lawyer Marcus Sixta  tells . Read more

B.C. judge tiptoes through divorce assets of decades long cannabis grow op

VANCOUVER — A British Columbia Supreme Court judge has been placed in the difficult position of dividing assets in a divorce when the couple's "family business" for over two decades was illegal marijuana. Read more

Who’s your daddy? DNA paternity tests in Alberta

By Marcus Sixta . Jerry Springer made a career of the paternity test and they are fought over every day in family court. When it comes to child support there can be strong financial interests for both parents to demand one or refuse. Before any  child support is paid , the question of who is the father needs to be determined. DNA paternity tests now provide the answer to this puzzle fairly quickly and with only a little inconvenience. They have also become relatively inexpensive and the divorce courts have found that the new tests involve little intrusion upon privacy interests.  Read more

Spousal support/alimony: what is it and how do I get it?

By Marcus Sixta . There is a lot of misinformation out there about  spousal support , or alimony, as we have come to know it due to the influence of American TV. Spousal support is an amount of money paid by one spouse to support the other spouse after the separation. However, it is not payable in every relationship. This is a common misconception, but just because you were married or in a common-law relationship does not mean you will get spousal support. Read more

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