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Marcel Strigberger
Humourist author and speaker
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Retired lawyer Marcel Strigberger is now a full-time humour writer, speaker, and author who has written two books — Birth, Death and other Trivialities and Poutine on the Orient Express: An Irreverent Look at Travel.

He has published articles in a variety of legal and non-legal publications in Canada and the U.S. including The Toronto Star, The Globe And Mail, Stitches: The Journal of Medical Humour, Doctor's Review, Dentist Guide, Canadian Lawyer, Law Times, The Lawyers Weekly, The Pennsylvania Lawyer, The California Lawyer, New Jersey Lawyer, The Toastmaster, the ABA Journal, the Ontario Bar Association’s publication Briefly Speaking, and the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association’s publication The Litigator.

Mr. Strigberger has written comedy sketches for CBC radio and television programs such as Funny You Should Say That and Royal Canadian Air Farce. He has performed stand-up comedy at Yuk Yuks and other comedy clubs, sharing the stage with such comedians as Bob Saget, Howie Mandel and Jim Carrey.

For more than 40 years, Mr. Strigberger was a civil litigation and family law lawyer. He graduated from McGill University with both his Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and law and his Bachelor of Laws. He was a frequent contributor to McGill Daily, the school’s humour magazine The Fig Leaf, and was co-writer of the law school publication The Wizard of Laws.

Marcel Strigberger Posts

Name that election candidate

By Marcel Strigberger And the winner is? None of the above. Yes! Not really. I just came across a Federal Court of Canada case launched by a University of Ottawa law student who sued the government pre- election claiming he could not express his dissatisfaction with all the candidates on the ballot by scribbling “None of the above” and have this choice counted and noted. Read more

Kindergarten lunchbox heist led Strigberger to career in law

Humorist and author Marcel Strigberger tells the American Bar Association’s ABA Journal that it was an “indelible incident back in kindergarten” that started him down the path to a career in law. Read more

Getting my Uber legs

By Marcel Strigberger I’m a baby boomer. I finally underwent an important, long-awaited and overdue rite of passage. I just took my first Uber ride. I did not undergo the experience lightly. Read more

Strigberger offers up humour to keep presentations lively

Stress and anxiety are parts of everyday life, but humourist and author Marcel Strigberger believes humour is a great way to cope with most situations people face. Read more

Ire, ire, ants on fire

By Marcel Strigberger My house has been invaded. I'm under siege. If I step out onto my back patio, I risk getting mauled by red ants. Does anybody have a solution? Read more

Witches, duelers and viagra, oh my!

By Marcel Strigberger Let’s talk about zombies, to wit, the zombie laws the federal government has erased from the criminal code via Bill C-51. Read more

Stress webinar gone stressful

By Marcel Strigberger I just concluded a stressful week, all because of a webinar I took in on handling stress. Being retired from the practice of law, I find my main stressor now is technology. I’m a devout baby boomer and I feel marginalized dealing with computers and other machines. Read more

Seven ways to make any law firm run better

Humourist and author Marcel Strigberger says his "Seven Simple Ways to Diffuse Problems and Prevent Trouble" approach can help make any law firm run smoother. Read more

Donut rhapsody: Strigberger

By Marcel Strigberger . The iconic roll up the rim to win contest isn’t working. Seems the company's recent reprise of their annual promo is not raking it in. Profits are down and the food giant is trying to figure out a way to refresh the game from the way it has been since the 1980s. As the saying might go, you have to know when to roll ‘me and when to fold ‘em. Read more

Mission impossible: telephoning the government

By Marcel Strigberger . The findings of the recently released auditor general’s report on the efficiency of the Canadian government are not rosy. Most disturbing is the finding that people can’t reach a live person at a government department on the phone. Read more

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Ukraine

By Marcel Strigberger . Congratulations to Volodymyr Zelensky, the new president of the Ukraine. Volod Z is actually a comedian who won a landslide victory over the incumbent. He starred in a television series called “Servant of the People,” where he played a destitute school teacher who unexpectedly becomes president of the Ukraine. It seems that reality has now mirrored fiction. Read more

Boston Tea Party revisited — lawyers wanted

By Marcel Strigberger . The Law Society of Ontario (LSO), the province’s governing body for lawyers, has imposed a requirement for its lawyers to annually affirm adoption of a statement of principles (SOP), wherein lawyers agree to confirm and be in line with the doctrine and ethics of equity, diversion and inclusion (EDI). Read more

Strigberger's travel guide takes reader down lighthearted path

Few travel books take a lighthearted approach when exploring the world, which is why his should appeal to many people, says humorist and author Marcel Strigberger. Read more

Are we in China yet?

By Marcel Strigberger . In a couple of days, I leave for Hong Kong where we shall be boarding a cruise ship that will take us to a number of ports, ending up in Shanghai. I have never been to China and right now my mind is abuzz with thoughts about that exotic country. Read more

Sailor kisses nurse: statue with limitations

By Marcel Strigberger . I was in Sarasota, Florida the other day. At the harbour, there is a giant statue version of that iconic photograph scene whereby a U.S. Navy sailor embraces and kisses a nurse in Manhattan the day World War 2 ended in August 1945. The sailor was identified as a George Mendonsa, who actually died last week at age 95. Read more