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Lisa Laredo
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Corporate, Estates & Wills & Trusts, Real Estate

Principal with Laredo Law, a Toronto firm with experience in dealing with complex legal maters and delivering results, Lisa Laredo focuses her practice on real estate, corporate and wills and estates law.

A barrister and solicitor, Ms. Laredo earned her LL.B, Law from the University of Windsor after graduating from York University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. During law school and articles, she worked for a criminal law firm in Toronto and as an associate lawyer in an international law firm in Frankfurt, Germany, where she practised international and corporate law.

Ms. Laredo is an experienced wills and estate lawyer who assists clients in making the best decisions to ensure assets are distributed in the chosen manner, with a focus on limiting taxation and probate fees where possible. She advises on the rights of beneficiaries, the duties of executors and trustees, and mental incapacity issues.

The focus is on long-term estate planning requirements as well as ongoing family-related concerns through the preparation of wills and powers of attorney for personal care and the management of property and the creation of trusts.

Ms. Laredo also has extensive experience in a broad spectrum of real estate-based transactions. She acts on residential commercial, multi-residential purchases and sales.

Among her services, Ms. Lardeo negotiates and drafts Agreements of Purchase and Sale for commercial and residential properties; reviews the Status Certificate prior to purchase and sees the file through to the end of all real estate transactions. 

She also handles many forms of financing, including construction and permanent mortgage lending and equity participation for borrowers and lenders; joint ventures; construction and leaseback transactions and commercial leasing for landlords and tenants.

Ms. Laredo also helps corporations, business partnerships and small business owners innovatively and effectively solve their legal problems without resorting to lawsuits. Her advice is particularly helpful when starting a new venture, changing a business structure, merging with or acquiring another business and borrowing money.

Lisa Laredo In The News
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