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Lisa Laredo
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Estates & Wills & Trusts, Real Estate

Principal with Laredo Law, Lisa Laredo focuses her practice on real estate and wills and estates law.

A barrister and solicitor, Ms. Laredo earned her LL.B, Law from the University of Windsor after graduating from York University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. During law school and articles, she worked for a criminal law firm in Toronto and as an associate lawyer in an international law firm in Frankfurt, Germany, where she practised international and corporate law.

Ms. Laredo is an experienced wills and estate lawyer who assists clients in making the best decisions to ensure assets are distributed in the chosen manner, with a focus on limiting taxation and probate fees where possible. She advises on the rights of beneficiaries, the duties of executors and trustees, and mental incapacity issues.

The focus is on long-term estate planning requirements as well as ongoing family-related concerns through the preparation of wills and powers of attorney for personal care and the management of property and the creation of trusts.

Ms. Laredo also has extensive experience in a broad spectrum of real estate-based transactions. She acts on residential commercial, multi-residential purchases and sales.

Among her services, Ms. Lardeo negotiates and drafts Agreements of Purchase and Sale for commercial and residential properties; reviews the Status Certificate prior to purchase and sees the file through to the end of all real estate transactions. 

She also handles many forms of financing, including construction and permanent mortgage lending and equity participation for borrowers and lenders; joint ventures; construction and leaseback transactions and commercial leasing for landlords and tenants.


Lisa Laredo In The News
Help! I don’t want to be an executor

By Lisa Laredo . A family member or close friend passes away and amidst your grief, you discover that you have been named executor of their estate. You’re shocked because you didn’t know that you had been named as executor in their will. (Rule number one when writing your will: always ask your executor before appointing them.) Read more

Learn strategies to manage property after death of a loved one

Toronto real estate and wills and estates lawyer Lisa Laredo will take part in an information session on how to handle the legal and financial complexities when a loved one passes away. Read more

It’s spring cleaning time! Add ‘write my will’ to your list

By Lisa Laredo . For most of us, spring cleaning means a chance to declutter, downsize and simplify. It’s about new beginnings and fresh starts and there’s definitely a certain feeling of satisfaction that comes with checking off each item on the to-do list. Read more

Blended families complicate estate planning

By Lisa Laredo . You already know that dying without a will is the safest way to ensure that you have absolutely no options whatsoever as to how your estate is to be divided. (And if you really didn’t know that, then read about  what happens when you die without a will  before reading on.) Read more

Holographic will can create issues around testator's intention

It’s best to avoid a handwritten informal will because improper drafting may lead to the document not being valid and could create significant questions of interpretation, says Toronto wills and estates lawyer Lisa Laredo . Read more

Take proper steps to prove mental capacity in a will: Laredo

While the standards of mental capacity required to draw up a will are well known, a court challenge is always a possibility if the proper steps are not taken when it is being created, Toronto wills and estates lawyer Lisa Laredo  tells . Read more

Five common will drafting mistakes

By Lisa Laredo . Write your will right and it will do exactly what you want and need it to do when you die. Your will is your roadmap to your loved ones and a properly written will ensures that your death doesn’t create a legal or administrative burden on your family. Read more

Financial partnership with your child comes with risks

Entering into a joint real estate title with your child or making them co-owner of your bank account comes with risks, writes Toronto real estate and wills and estates lawyer Lisa Laredo  in  The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

What are the duties of an executor?

By Lisa Laredo . Being appointed executor of an estate is a big job. Read more

Choose the right executor for your estate

By Lisa Laredo . One of the many important decisions you need to make when  making a will  is choosing an executor for your estate. This is the person who will wind up your affairs. Choosing poorly may not only affect the distribution of your life savings but may also affect your family’s well-being after you are gone. Read more

When did you last update your will?

By Lisa Laredo . If you’ve written a will—congratulations—you are amongst  the half of Canadian adults who say they’ve written a will . If you are amongst the other 50 per cent of Canadians, read  here  to find out why you don’t want to die without one. Read more

Laredo: dying intestate can leave families in 'complete shambles'

When a person with minor children dies without a will, they lose control over appointing a guardian and providing for specific asset distribution, Toronto wills and estates lawyer Lisa Laredo tells Law Times . Read more

Always review a current status certificate before buying a condo

By Lisa Laredo . Buying a condo is not the same as buying a house. With a condo, there are a few extra details you should check before signing the deal. A crucial one is the status certificate. Read more

Without a will, rules of intestacy apply

While statistics show that more than half of Canadians don't have a will, Toronto wills and estates lawyer Lisa Laredo says it’s important to understand what happens when you die without one. Read more

The perils of do-it-yourself wills

By Lisa Laredo . Have you ever thought about using an online service to write a will instead of hiring a lawyer to draft one for you? After all, dozens of websites offer to make will-writing fast and easy so maybe you’re asking yourself, how bad can it be? Read more

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