Lisa Gelman

Lisa Gelman
Gelman & Associates

Lisa Gelman, founder and principal of the Toronto firm Gelman & Associates, focuses on family law.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario in political science, Ms. Gelman earned her Bachelor of Laws from York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School in 1993. She was called to the Ontario Bar in 1995.

Focusing on family law, Ms. Gelman advises clients on divorce, child custody, and child and spousal support. Her practice covers all aspects of family law, including the division of property, assistance with domestic violence issues, and prenuptial, and separation and cohabitation agreements.

To demystify the divorce process for clients, Ms. Gelman uses a variety of educational tools, including a divorce kit, online courses and webinars.

In addition, Ms. Gelman’s firm runs a volunteer legal clinic at New Circles, a volunteer organization in Toronto that offers employment and life skills training to members of the community.

Lisa Gelman In The News
Homemade separation agreement ends up costing time and money

By Lisa Gelman . Hiring an experienced family lawyer is a critical step when going through a  separation  or  divorce . It may be tempting to attempt to cut costs by going through the process alone, but as one Ontario couple  recently learned , doing things without legal representation can result in an expensive and time-consuming experience. Read more

Father’s credibility questioned after review of Instagram account

By Lisa Gelman . While social media can be an amazing tool – allowing us to communicate and share our lives with people around the world, it also brings with it an inherent lack of privacy. Even “private” accounts may be made public, and deleted photos or posts are not necessarily gone forever. It is important to carefully consider your social media presence while going through a  divorce  or  separation . But as seen in a  recent decision  from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, it’s also critical to consider what is posted online after a divorce is final. Read more

When the court will stay an order pending appeal

By Lisa Gelman . An Ontario court  recently considered  an interesting case where one party sought a stay of two orders pending appeal. Read more

Resist revenge, pick your battles in divorce: Gelman

As tempting as it may be, it’s not wise to drag peripheral issues into a divorce battle, says Toronto family lawyer  Lisa Gelman . Read more

When will a court order interim costs and disbursements?

By Lisa Gelman . An Ontario court  recently considered  a case where a husband appealed from an interlocutory order that required him to pay his wife $150,000 for interim costs and disbursements. Read more

Court asked to determine if a divorce overseas is valid

By Lisa Gelman . Canada recognizes marriages and divorces performed in other parts of the world. However, determining whether a couple has been properly married, or in the case we are about to discuss, properly divorced, is not always an easy task. In a  recent case  before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the court was tasked with determining whether a couple had gotten  divorced  according to tradition in Pakistan. Read more

Can income be imputed where a payor spouse is in jail?

By Lisa Gelman . An Ontario court  recently explored  whether interim child support should be ordered when the payor spouse was incarcerated on the basis of imputing income to the jailed spouse. Read more

Be quick with disclosure of financial documents amid divorce: Gelman

To put it mildly, divorce is never fun, says Toronto family lawyer  Lisa Gelman . Read more

Like it or not: forcing the sale of the matrimonial home

By Lisa Gelman . The court  recently examined  the interesting question of whether, and under what circumstances, a party can obtain an order to sell their matrimonial home even when their spouse opposes the sale. Read more

When is imprisonment appropriate for non-payment of support arrears?

By Lisa Gelman . A  recent Ontario decision  examined both default hearings as well as how and when a jail committal order is appropriate to enforce  spousal support  and  child support arrears. Read more

Voice of the Child reports now offered throughout Ontario

While children can’t decide their own fate when their parents divorce, they do have a say in the process, says Toronto family lawyer  Lisa Gelman . Read more

Self-employment income in the context of child support

By Lisa Gelman . In a  recent decision , the Ontario Superior Court addressed whether a husband’s expenses from self-employment could be deducted from his gross income for the purposes of child support. Read more

Am I your biological father? Paternity tests and child support

By Lisa Gelman . An Ontario court recently considered an  interesting case  where the man sought an order directing the child to submit to a paternity test. Read more

Proving intentional underemployment a tough task

Pursuing an ex-partner for intentional underemployment is not always worth the hassle and expense, Toronto family lawyer  Lisa Gelman tells . Read more

Is a judge obligated to read all materials filed in a family law case?

By Lisa Gelman . The Ontario Superior Court  recently considered  the position of a father who was appealing a final child support order on the grounds that the motion judge who had granted the order had not read all of the materials that had been filed prior to making the decision about support. Read more

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