Lisa Gelman

Lisa Gelman
Gelman & Associates

Lisa Gelman, founder and principal of the Toronto firm Gelman & Associates, focuses on family law.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario in political science, Ms. Gelman earned her Bachelor of Laws from York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School in 1993. She was called to the Ontario Bar in 1995.

Focusing on family law, Ms. Gelman advises clients on divorce, child custody, and child and spousal support. Her practice covers all aspects of family law, including the division of property, assistance with domestic violence issues, and prenuptial, and separation and cohabitation agreements.

To demystify the divorce process for clients, Ms. Gelman uses a variety of educational tools, including a divorce kit, online courses and webinars.

In addition, Ms. Gelman’s firm runs a volunteer legal clinic at New Circles, a volunteer organization in Toronto that offers employment and life skills training to members of the community.

Lisa Gelman Posts

Former spouse receives entire life support payout

By Lisa Gelman When people get divorced or separated , it is common for one party to take out a life insurance policy in order to fulfill any child or spousal support obligations they may be unable to make in the event of their death. Read more

Lump-sum spousal support following short marriages

Lump-sum spousal support settlements can work for both parties to a divorce following a short-term marriage, says Toronto family lawyer Lisa Gelman . Read more

The impact of a Voice of the Child report on parenting time

By Lisa Gelman . In a recent case , an Ontario court considered whether it could grant a father’s request to vary parenting time without proceeding to trial. The parties were married in September 2001 and separated in June 2011. They had four children together, ages 17, 15, 13 and 7. Read more

Is parental alienation a mental health issue?

By Lisa Gelman . The concept of parental alienation can, unfortunately, be common in the practice of family law; one that can affect decisions relating to support or even custody in some cases. Read more

‘Gotcha’ cellphone recordings rarely admitted in divorce cases

Judges are usually reluctant to admit cellphone evidence collected by a spouse to boost their divorce case against an ex-partner, says Toronto family lawyer Lisa Gelman . Read more

Court determines that it lost jurisdiction in custody dispute

By Lisa Gelman . Is it possible for a court, which has jurisdiction to deal with a matter, to subsequently lose jurisdiction? In a recent decision , an Ontario court found that, indeed, it could not maintain jurisdiction over the parties’ custody dispute since they had both returned to live in Japan. Read more

Strong evidence needed to change final family law orders

Family law litigants need to have everything in order before launching a motion to change a final order or risk a large cost award against them, Toronto family lawyer Lisa Gelman tells . Read more

Court orders mother to undergo a capacity assessment

By Lisa Gelman . In some situations, one party in a proceeding may ask the court for an order directing the other party to undergo a capacity assessment. An Ontario court recently considered this interesting question and explained when it might be appropriate to impinge upon a party’s autonomy and privacy interests by making such an order. Read more

When sole custody is more appropriate than joint custody

By Lisa Gelman . The court recently considered when it might be appropriate to grant sole custody to one party over the other. The parties were married for three years before they separated in 2010. They had two children, born in 2008 and 2010. Read more

Should we stay together for the children?

Divorce isn’t the worst thing that parents can do to their kids, Toronto family lawyer Lisa Gelman tells . Read more

Homemade separation agreement ends up costing time and money

By Lisa Gelman . Hiring an experienced family lawyer is a critical step when going through a separation or divorce . It may be tempting to attempt to cut costs by going through the process alone, but as one Ontario couple recently learned , doing things without legal representation can result in an expensive and time-consuming experience. Read more

Father’s credibility questioned after review of Instagram account

By Lisa Gelman . While social media can be an amazing tool – allowing us to communicate and share our lives with people around the world, it also brings with it an inherent lack of privacy. Even “private” accounts may be made public, and deleted photos or posts are not necessarily gone forever. Read more

When the court will stay an order pending appeal

By Lisa Gelman . An Ontario court recently considered an interesting case where one party sought a stay of two orders pending appeal. Read more

Resist revenge, pick your battles in divorce: Gelman

As tempting as it may be, it’s not wise to drag peripheral issues into a divorce battle, says Toronto family lawyer Lisa Gelman . Read more

When will a court order interim costs and disbursements?

By Lisa Gelman . An Ontario court recently considered a case where a husband appealed from an interlocutory order that required him to pay his wife $150,000 for interim costs and disbursements. Read more