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Lexop offers a secure digital alternative to traditional paper-based communications.

With its certified email platform, Lexop can track emails, reach multiple recipients, obtain proof of service, share large files securely, request consent, and request and collect specific documents.

Lexop handles legally sensitive communications and can be used instead of traditional methods such as registered mail, process servers, couriers, and bailiffs.

Launched in 2016 in Montreal, Lexop has delivered more than 15 million pages of documents to thousands of recipients. Its clients include legal, real estate, and enterprise professionals such as lawyers, property managers, and national telecom companies.

Co-founders Amir Tajkarimi and Jean-Olivier Bouchard are technology entrepreneurs focused on helping law firms move away from paper-based communications.

Mr. Tajkarimi is a lawyer and CEO who practised banking and IT law before co-founding Lexop. Mr. Bouchard is head of growth, with a focus on business development, user experience, and design.

Lexop In The News
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Questions answered on Lexop’s document delivery platform

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Lexop delivers with Certified Email

By Amir Tajkarimi . At Lexop, we believe that a good delivery platform should focus on speed and communication safeguards. It should also protect against legal and regulatory failures while remaining highly accessible (at any time, from anywhere). Read more

Rethinking secure document transmission

Law firms and property managers are discovering  Lexop's certified email platform is ideal for quickly and securely delivering sensitive documents,  says its co-founder Jean-Olivier Bouchard . Read more

Lexop serves and delivers, electronically

During his days as a junior banking and information technology lawyer, few things were worse than a short-notice request for service of documents, says Lexop CEO and co-founder Amir Tajkarim i . Read more

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