Leighton Grey

Leighton Grey
Grey Wowk Spencer LLP
Senior Partner
Civil Litigation, Criminal Law

Indigenous rights litigator Leighton Grey is a senior partner with the firm Grey Wowk Spencer LLP and based in Bonnyville and Cold Lake, Alta. Mr. Grey focuses on criminal law, child welfare proceedings, personal injury and other forms of civil litigation.

He attended the University of Alberta where he graduated with distinction with his Bachelor of Arts in English literature and history in 1989 and earned his Bachelor of Laws in 1992. Mr. Grey was admitted to the Bar of Alberta in 1993, the Bar of Saskatchewan in 2004 and the Bar of British Columbia in 2014.

A Status Indian, Mr. Grey was the recipient of the Government of Canada Legal Studies for Aboriginal People Scholarship from 1989 to 1992. He articled with the Federal Department of Justice in 1993 and began his law career practising with Vital Ouellette, who was appointed Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench in 2002.

In addition, Mr. Grey received his certification in the Harvard University Model of Interest-Based Mediation through the University of Windsor School of Law in 2011.

A member of the Queen's Counsel since 2010, Mr. Grey handles criminal law, civil litigation and child protection cases, serves as an adjudicator in Law Society of Alberta disciplinary hearings and has been involved in the prosecution of residential school claims.

A hockey skills coach and mentor, Mr. Grey is the founder and president of the Lakeland Sports and Learning Academy, a non-profit organization that creates and delivers athletic programs to youth in Cold Lake and surrounding area.

He was a recipient of the Stars of Alberta Volunteer Award in 2013 and the Access to Justice Award for his work with the Legal Aid Society of Alberta in 2015.

Leighton Grey Posts

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Dad furious, PM rapped over transfer of girl's killer to healing lodge

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