Leanne Townsend

Leanne Townsend
Townsend Law
Sole Practitioner
Criminal, Family

Leanne Townsend, a sole practitioner operating Townsend Law in Toronto, focuses on family and criminal law and provides coaching services.

She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of Toronto in 1990, before earning her Bachelor of Laws from Western University in 1993 and her Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto in 2011. Ms. Townsend was called to the Ontario Bar in 1995.

A former assistant crown attorney with Ontario's Ministry of the Attorney General, Ms. Townsend assists with divorce, separation, marriage contracts, cohabitation agreements, and custody and access matters in her family law practice, while her criminal law services include bail hearings, trials, pretrials, and guilty pleas.

In addition, Ms. Townsend holds a certificate in professional coaching and provides such services as life coaching, divorce and relationship coaching, and wellness and women's coaching through customized or group programs and workshops.

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Decision may signal new remedies for custody of family pets

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The problem is you found her, but you kept looking

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